photo bucket: One Sunday in Campuestuhan Highlands Resort

hotel at Campuestuhan Resort, Brgy Alangilan, Talisay. theme park

The resort’s hotel with a statue of John Wayne at the driveway…

Family friends, Tito Kai and Aret, picked us up on Sunday and took us to their relative’s resort less than an hour drive out if the city. Now this place is often fully booked and one needs to book days or even weeks in advance to rent cottages or stay in their hotel. 20140810_151051




Throwback: BANG!sss


Why so seriousss…?

Hmmm, contemplating on getting bangs…

Style File: sugar plum


I’m wearing: ny&co intimates top, ivory with leather detail knit skirt, renegade folk heels.

Why the title despite the ivory and beige ensemble? Well, try squinting to see the color of my nails. Better yet, here…


At times, it’s the smallest detail that stands out. And that’s true not only in outfits, mind you. As they say, the little things are those that count. They make the whole all the more interesting.

C’ est la vie…

Style File: rock chick

After the KL trip, I decided to stay in Cebu for a couple of nights to spend some time with Ella and to catch up with Eman, CJ, and friends.

The night before I left for Bacolod, we had dinner at our favorite hang out, Kaona Grill near JY Mall in Lahug.


I’m wearing: Forever 21 top, Oxygen (local brand) skirt, Mendrez (local brand) sandals, Liz Claiborne handbag.

I havn’t been posting much about fashion and style lately as I havn’t got the time to browse through my favorite tabloids and fashion websites and blogs. Boo! But thanks for dropping by. Til next…! Take care!


photo bucket: our week in kuala lumpur


Arrived at the new KLIA 2 airport on Thursday night and took the express to KL Sentral.


Day 1: Boarded the train to Gombak and took a taxi to Batu Caves.

20140725_140649 20140725_132932


20140725_133717 20140725_140552

Then we hopped back to the train to KL Sentral, checked out the shops and had lunch at Nando’s.


I’m wearing: Mango top, Bench shorts,Birkenstock sandals, Follie shawl, Liz Claiborne handbag. 


Day 2: Went to Penaling Jaya to have lunch at A&W. But the joint was packed so we ate at a resto in a mall across the street.

PhotoGrid_1406872725565 20140726_17341320140726_173940

The toys in some of the shops were Ahhh-mazing!!!

Day 3: Took a taxi to Mid Valley Megamall near Bangsar.


I’m wearing: Folded & Hung dress, Birkenstock sandals, Liz Claiborne handbag.


Across it was The Gardens Mall where you will find Louis Vuitton and the likes. *sigh*


Had lunch at Madame Kwan’s, and the food was great! After the outing we hit the pool for a dip.


Day 4: Went to Berjaya after checking out gadgets at Lowyatt.

20140728_172733 PhotoGrid_1406873779360

Day 5: It was a lazy day. We mostly stayed in and only went out to have lunch. Later in the day, we hit the pool.


Day 7: Went to KLCC. And look! The Petronas… We visited the mall right beside the Twin Towers. The Cultural Center and a huge park were also a stone’s throw away.

PhotoGrid_1406874968065 C360_2014-07-30-19-50-38-908

I’m wearing: The Mister’s cap, Switch top, gold snakeskin belt, Penshoppe skirt, Mendrez sandals, Follie shawl, Liz Claiborne handbag.


To cap off the day, we took a train to Penaling Jaya to have waffles at A&W.

Day 7: Leaving on a jet plane…


I’m wearing: Uniqlo top, Oxygen skirt, Birkenstock sandals.


May the force be with you…!

photo bucket: Kat turns 23








I’m wearing: Vivienne Westwood top, Mango skirt, Alberto platforms, Hickock clutch.


don’t judge

I fell from grace the moment I realized that the world is not exactly kind nor noble even for a little girl, who’s craving for understanding people and the works of life resulted to rebellion. I could only remember fleeting moments of guileless attitude. I was more reserved than outspoken- afraid to be wrong, and at the same time afraid to be right. I’ve found ways to shield myself from eventual disappointments lest I become too puppy-eyed and hopeful only to be stabbed and shattered over and over.

I had been incessantly hoping for salvation, for someone to hold my hand and show me the brighter, lighter side of life.  A bittersweet ideal that someone would let himself fall with me, to change the course of my flight save me from drowning. I’d gladly let myself be maneuvered, knowing and trusting that he’s willing to share himself with me wholly, and put me back on track. I would no longer be me, a sole entity, but us. And he, willing to let me in his life and be a part of him. I wanted a fearless man, yet tender and open-minded. Unpretentious and truthful. Pathetic, I know. And I was too obsessed with the total idea of “bliss.” I’ve placed my morals and principles to the test. Self-recriminations never helped, it only made me worse, unforgiving. In search of my so-called bliss, I became a menace to people who cared for me, people I owed my life to.

Maybe I’m selfish, maybe I think too much- mostly about the less important things to survive in this world. I have been hurt, especially by people I expected to listen and understand. I have hurt people I never intended to, no matter how much I tried not to. One simply cannot expect too much from anyone. One cannot set himself to be the standard figure of humanity, no matter how he tries to perfect himself because people are individuals. Each person is special and priceless.

I may not be entirely proud of the things I have done, I may be forever haunted by my mistakes but I take full responsibility for my actions and decisions. The path I chose was not a simple one but it taught me a lot. At least when I die, I’d know I’ve lived my life.

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