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Here we are @ Forest Park, Brgy Taculing, Bacolod City.


And because he’s crazy over dinosaurs and legos and loves chocolate cake, fruit salad, and pasta…




say what?!?

While the City of Smiles has been busy prepping for the Masskara festival this coming weekend, I’ve been busy with these… 20141016_151004 A diy two-compartment lego pinata. Will post a diy of how I made it. And…




MasterD turned 10 today. And because it’s a Wednesday and a schoolday, we’ll be celebrating it on Saturday. .facebook_1413084127874 sample_b Stole this from The Mister’s portfolio to use for the invites. 20141014_163102 To mark the day, we still had a simple preparation at home. 20141015_171821Bascon’s mini Baba cake from Tita Kat.20141015_170749 Lottie, Tita Ella, Tita Gianne, Thirdy, birthday boi, Great-Grand-Mama Ko.20141015_170700 Spaghetti prepared by Tita Gianne.20141015_170758 And Lego from Papa! 20141015_170832 Celebration to be continued…

Style File: of mint, cream, and roses

First of all, it’s The Mister’s birthday today and I made a promise to him that I’m definitely keeping… Love him lots! Anyhoo, here’s an OOTD of my recent recycled-restyled piecefloral-dress-reatyled-to-skirt I’m wearing: Bayo lace top, diy floral skirt, nude pvc flats. mint-lace-top-floral-skirt Now, I’ve had this top for the looongest time-for over 10 years, I kid you not. lace-top-floral-skirt-nude-pvc-flats If you might notice, I cut me bangs! I probably have never mentioned, but I’m such a fan of Nicole Richie… she’s one of my style idols! I was inspired to get zeh bangs because of her. lace-top-floral-skirt-nude-flats I apologize for the quality of these photos. These were taken hurriedly early evening. Guess who my photogs were. new-do-bangs-inspird-by-nicole-richie Them hobbitses, of course. And somehow, one deleted the photo I took of them. We were getting frustrated. See? C360_2014-10-13-18-18-49-604 I really appreciate that MasterD is always there, ready to be my comfort when I’m stressing out. And MissL, … Well, she has a poker face like me. But when she feels that the timing is right, she does her part in making me feel better. I feel blessed. And,oh! I recently joined Bloglovin’,

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with honors

Uhm, I’m not referring to that 90’s film starring Brendan Fraser and Moira Kelly. Although…I really love that film. Will probably watch it later… hmmm…

Anyway, this post is about this…


MasterD and MissL were each given the Achievement award for the 1st quarter at their new school. This was quite unexpected since they’re newcomers… but, Mummy’s proud!

Throwback: gold and white and blue


Looking back now, I realize that this was where I learned the true value of simplicity and humility…

photo bucket: kids a swimmin’

MasterD and MissL had a day off from school on Friday. It’s Teacher’s day, I heard. So, decided to take them swimming. The venue: Palmas Del Mar, a conference resort hotel here in Bacolod that’s been around for over a decade now, I think. It’s a popular venue for wedding receptions and family outings. Anyway, the last time I was here was overvtwo years ago. So before we jumped into the pool, we decided to go around the resort first.

diy handprint top

I’m wearing: diy handprint top,  custom-made asymmetrical skirt, feather earrings, Mendrez sandals.

feather earrings Mendrez-gold-sandals C360_2014-10-05-13-03-05-448 palmas-del-mar-bacolod-philippines

The resort has several rooms and villas and has three big pools, a kiddie pool and a jacuzzi. C360_2014-10-05-13-10-34-248

C360_2014-10-05-13-11-47-904 cusotm-made-asymmetrical-skirt C360_2014-10-05-13-13-08-554

I dug up these photos from our 2011 outing…



For picnics and barbecues, Palmas Del Mar also has cottages for day use.palmas-del-mar-resort-bacolod-picnic


The resort is by the seaside and has a fish pond where guests could go a fishing.

Anyway, not much has changed since last we were here… Now we jump in!


And, naturally, since we got there late in the afternoon, we stayed until early evening. PhotoGrid_1412422305910 C360_2014-10-03-18-06-32-594

Thanks for dropping by.


Recycle, Reuse: floral dress into skirt

I enjoy reconstructing items in my closet to give them new life, and of course to give myself a new wardrobe to rock. For this post, it’s this dress:

floral marilyn monroe inspired dress

I had it custom-made to wear to our friends’ wedding a few years back. daryll-odessa-wedding-cebu daryll-odessa-wedding-reception-cebu daryll-odessa-wedding-2012

But then after, I only got to wear the dress just once more and that was for our family portrait.div-gon-family-portrait

So, I recently decided to restyle the dress into a skirt. And a few snips and cuts, the dress is now a skirt…! I removed the bodice and shortened them hem.


I’ll be posting an OOTD for this skirt when I get the chance to wear it.

How about you? Do you have a recycle-restyle story to share?

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