So, after a long and thoughtful consideration… and by that I mean coaxing, I have finally mustered enough courage to start blogging. After years of reading other people’s blogs, admiring their ingeniousness, and secretly wishing I’d be bold enough, and yes, diligent enough to make and maintain one, I’m finally here. Don’t get me wrong, I still have some trepidation about doing this as I am writing this very post! But I am hoping this feeling would soon pass and that I would be more at ease with this project.

To start off, here’s five reasons why I havn’t got a journal until now.

Off the top of my head…

1) I’m lazy… very lazy in fact that if left alone, I could sleep away an entire day. I’ve made gazillion-bajillion-kabillion attempts to keep a journal since grade school. But I was just too lazy to actually write down my thoughts. And don’t get me started on my penmanship… pffft, calling it chicken scratch would be an over statement. Even I can’t read my writing more than half the time! Thank God computers and mobile phones were invented.

… Must-make-more-effort… got-to-finish… new-milestone…

2) I’m phobic… scared of speaking my mind (most of the time), scared of saying (or writing) the wrong things, scared of offending others, scared of being misunderstood, etcetera, etcetera… Though, I must say, in recent years, I have somewhat outgrown the above-mentioned sentiments. How else would I have plucked up the courage to even be writing this?

3) I’m not one to openly talk about what I’m thinking, nor do I usually share my thoughts on certain subjects, or people even. I’ve always tried to play it safe and keep things bottled up. But I’ve had various experiences (bad ones. what else?) that taught me the downsides of doing so. #1- people probably think I’m daft. Not that I mind, really, so long as they leave me alone. But then, that brings me to downside #2- people take advantage of me. Well, not all people. Only those malicious ones, really… Live and learn.

4) I don’t think my opinion matter much. Not that I’ve started to think otherwise. Just a change of heart… and thought process. Comes with age, maybe?

5) I’m an insignificant fool, yo!

So, why’d I start blogging? Well, I should like to think about it as an answer to a call for change. I have to admit, I’m not getting any younger. I’ll be passing the 30 milestone sometime before the year ends. And I have been horridly forgetful as of late. I’m hoping this blog would help me relearn things about myself when dementia starts kicking in, that’s considering I do remember having this journal. Aaaannd, I’d like to have a voice (albeit a very tiny mouse-like one) in this prevalent and infectious world that is teh Interwebs. On a more serious note (perhaps), it’s just another marker in this bumpy road of a life that I relish. Have you ever heard of “Wear Sunscreen” by Baz Luhrmann? More of that in future posts, though… perhaps… maybe…

So, what can one expect from this blog-o-mine? Random things, really. Β And lots of typos. This blog, I suppose, would reflect much about me…? So, perhaps a number of fashion related stuff, a few DIYs here and there, a bunch of photos- maybe, and a smattering of rants once in a while. Pretty random stuff, huh? Well, I’m thinking (and hoping) this project would be some sort of therapy for me… something that will give me some sort of perspective or such. So, bear with me, please? Much appreciated.



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