Mum and My Hobbitses

Sooo… yesterday, we finally got to watch the most anticipated The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey! Yey! We absolutely loved it!

Sandwiched between my two hobbitses, MasterD and MissL, I had to do a series of shushing left and right as the film started rolling.  Though, there were times when MissL grew restless as the film progressed. She easily gets bored when having to sit down for longer than three minutes. So, imagine how it must have been for her when she had to sit through the entire movie that ran for three hours or so. Poor thing, she resorted to eating, drinking, and playing with her 3D glasses, but didn’t make much noise, except for the occasional “How soon will the movie end?”

MasterD, on the other hand, was quite taken with the film. Every time I checked on him, his eyes were glued on the screen, though he had to frequent the loo from drinking too much liquid. He later told me that his favorite character in the movie was Gandalf but that he likes Legolas best for his bow shooting skills.

Well, personally, I had a soft spot for the Dwarf king, Thurin.



MissL, MasterD, Mum, and my Sis, Ella (girl in red)



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