DIY: Little White Dress (part 1)

I think this post is long overdue. A few posts ago, around December, I mentioned a “little white dress,” yes? It’s almost the third week of January and I’m still trying to get back to the swing of things.

Towards the end of last year, I had several projects lined up but only managed to do a few. I’ll be posting said projects some time later as posting them in here is actually one of my new year’s resolution, or something.

Anyhoo, zis is zee dressss…!

It was quite plain before I added the lace and sequins. And the sheer fabric that’s  currently draped at the back? That was originally stretched diagonally at the chest part and gathered on one shoulder. I know. I should have taken a picture. I really intended to. I was thinking about it like five minutes before I started sewing the lace on, then got distracted, forgot about it, and only remembered halfway through the modification process.  Gaaah!

So, anyway, a little background on the LWD. Originally, I made it for our youngest, Ella. She had a formal birthday celebration to attend on the 1st of December and I offered to make her a dress.

The inspiration…


Rihanna at the launch of her Nude Fragrance
Styled and wearing designs by Nini Nguyen
Photo grabbed from Zimbio

And here’s my version.

As worn by my ‘lil sis, Ella, on the event.

I know! But it doesn’t look much like Rihanna’s, right??? Or nearly as gorgeous??? Well, it was worth a try…

 The slit runs down the center front.

I made the chain headpiece as well.

Moving along…

Immediately after the event, my other sister, Kat, called to say that she needed a white dress for a party she’s attending on Christmas. Then, I realized the various possibilities of how the LWD could be worn. So, I got this idea that my sisters and myself should all wear the dress (on different occasions, of course), and that we ought to wear it differently each time. Thus, I made this for Kat to wear over the LWD.

Sooo, you’ll be seeing the LWD three more times. This, being the first installment of a series of four. There’s so much I want to share here. I just have to find the time to post them.

And oh, before I forget.

My very first outfit post on here.


Such is life… Jette


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