2013 London Critics’ Circle Film Awards

Woohoo! Joaquin Phoenix wins the Best Actor at the London Critics’ Circle award for the film The Master. 


source: the cinema source


source: indiewire

I’ve always been a big Joaquin Phoenix fan and i strongly believe that he is a tremendously great actor. I loved him in Inventing the Abbotts, couldn’t hate him in Gladiator (in which he got numerous nominations for Best Supporting Actor), and was enthralled by his performance in Walk the Line (in which he won two Best Actor awards, a Grammy,and received several nominations). He actually did all the singing in the film and sounded so much like Johnny Cash!

And, I think we’ve all heard or read about that infamous statement he made in an interview by Elvis Mitchell last year, in which he frankly spoke about his feelings about the Oscars. you know, something like ‘it’ being the worst-tasting carrot that he’s ever tasted, and somewhere along the lines of ‘it’ being totally subjective, and stupid. He did later retract his statement, though, saying that he wouldn’t have the career that he has if it weren’t for the Oscar’s. aw… Hey, we’re only human and sometimes, in the heat of the moment, we get to say harsh thing or two which we don’t we don’t really mean, or at least half-meant, right?

Anyway, despite not being around to receive the award, he later released a statement that read:
“I struggle with the idea of winning awards for acting. Stating I’m Best Actor for something as subjective as film seems strange to me. To the uninitiated it implies I’m solely responsible for the creation and implementation of the character. I am not. I suppose that’s why we thank our colleagues. There are those who you all know such as Paul Thomas Anderson, to whom I am eternally grateful – a man who has persistently searched for the truth. I am fortunate to have been under his guidance. Philip Seymour Hoffman for his patience and advice. Amy Adams for being angry. Megan Ellison and everyone at Annapurna for their support of the film and ensuring that I was able to cover my mortgage. But there are many others who you do not know by name such as Mike Kenna, who I believe was the grip but he did 20 different jobs so I can’t be sure; Adam Somner, the first assistant director; Karen Ramirez in the office; Tommy – I don’t know your last name… there are too many to list. The truth is, you cannot separate my work from their’s. We were a unit bolstered by the same goal: to do our part in helping Paul to achieve his vision. I view this award as recognition of all of our work. I am very cognisant of the fact that for me this award is an encouragement to continue my lifelong passion of being an actor. I will not squander this high regard. P.S. There’s an up-and-coming actor named Daniel who’s in a movie called ‘Lincoln.’ You should check it out.”

Well, I was quite moved, weren’t you? Here’s a glimpse at the red carpet.

article-2265587-170E78D8000005DC-862_306x760 article-2265617-170EA6E8000005DC-407_306x764 article-2265587-170E7D9C000005DC-928_306x794 article-2265587-170E4474000005DC-244_634x935article-2265587-170ECAC2000005DC-312_634x908 article-2265587-170E7719000005DC-237_634x915

photos: dailymail uk



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