necessity breeds…

I went grocery shopping the other day. By myself. A week or two’s worth of groceries for a household of five. That’s several kilos of meat, laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid,  snacks, canned goods, etc. etc. And, I don’t exactly have a car. So, I had to commute, which involved walking for about a kilometer to and fro. Anticipating that I might be carrying several grocery bags, I took with me a 60 liters North Face backpack so I’d have my hands free. What I hadn’t anticipated, though, was the weight of all the groceries I bought. It was damn heavy! Me, such a plank. I had to walk hunched over to counter balance the weight that was pulling me backwards to the ground. I tried to look unfazed, which I think I managed to achieve. Not sure though as some guys were staring. I’ve been extra careful not end up like this guy.


Seriously, if I wasn’t careful, this could have been me– back on the ground, hands and legs a flailing. Only, I wouldn’t be alone in the middle of the road. There’d be people looking weirdly, and, of course, laughing hard at me.

Anyhoo, on to other matters…

This space hasn’t been much of a journal lately, has it? I haven’t written much about what I’ve been doing lately, or what I’ve been thinking. Not that that matters much to people. But I’d want to read back through these notes later to reminisce. I know! So, I’ve got to do better than this. It’s just that fashion and fashionable people simply overwhelms me sometimes most of the time.




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