boredom = DIY ideas

So, I was bored out of my mind @ work today. And naturally, my mind wandered off into something fashion related, including several projects I’ve been putting off since, oh, I don’t know, months ago…?

Let’s see… my Mum’s dress, which I’ve somewhat started a tiny bit); there’s D’ dress, which materials I’ve already prepared; the mint-colored venus jersey dress/top, which materials ad design I have already prepared as well; teh strappy booties I’ve been itching to revamp;  there’s also this lace/chiffon rose gold cocktail dress I’ve been dreaming of making; a pair of black/white sandals I’ve been planning to revamp; a pair of platforms I’ve already started to fix up but couldn’t quite finish; a pair of black pointed toe mules to revamp; a pair of pewter gladiator heels to revamp; an owl shirt, which owl has been drawn on but still needs to be embellished; a lady bug shirt; etc,etc. Sheesh! See what I mean? And here I was thinking that I’ve long outgrown my vile habit that is procrastination.

Anyway, what I meant to say was… well, I merely intended to mention that while I was bored out of my mind today, another DIY project popped in. Well, two actually. One is a pair of red peep toe booties inspired by these D&G lovelies:

d&g lace booties

The second one, well… I have a pair of low platform sandals that was gifted to me by my paternal grandmother a while back. I like the platform part of the gifted sandals,especially, and I’m hoping to give it a new look. So, I started to search Google images for “kick ass wedges” and “kick ass wedge booties.” Of all, these are the ones that I particularly liked, in no particular order:

river island buckle wedgespierre-hardy-spring-2011-canvas-and-patent-leather-wedges-gallery  gucci-winona-high-heel-lace-up-wedge-bootie-258359fendi_ivory and black lace upss12c-burberry-787_2180501amiu-miu-cork-leather-wedge-sandals-brownchloe-lace-up-wedge-boot chloe lace up canvas wedgesmatalan lace up bootiesTory-Burch-Lace-Up-Wedge-Ankle-Bootsblowfish_baku wedges   asos pow leather buckle crepe topshop waffle lace up wood wedges  topshop arabella canvas lace-upasos tasca suede lace-up wede bootstopshop 

I particularly like the Burberry striped platforms (it’s the one on the third row, left), but I think it’s a long shot. So, I’m thinking, perhaps like transform mine into a lace or mesh lace up booties instead. *fingers crossed*

So, I’m really hoping to do all these projects and several more this year. I have 11 months ahead, after all. Again,*fingers crossed!*



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