Chasing Liberty

No, not the film. Though it can pass for a worthwhile watch if only to drool over Matthew Goode’s cuteness and be mesmerized by his gorgeous smile over and over… Right. I’m stopping there.

As I was saying, I am fast becoming a Liberty Ross fan! This past hour, I’ve been searching for and reading about her in teh net. The good bits, anyway. She’s an amazing dresser. Case in point, check out her 2011 Vogue 30 day outfit diary. *sigh*. She’s beautiful and very stylish. Love her chic, sophisticated, edgy style… Liberty Ross rocks!
And, I’ve found this blog that’s supposedly hers, and also these SHOWstudio contributions by her (hey, it says right there on the site’s page).

Here, here…

Liberty+Ross+Harper+Bazaar+Women+Year+Awards+JlK-tQUrXIvl Liberty+Ross+Rimmel+Hosts+Party+Original+London+1yq8jf7kk9-l Liberty+Ross+Stars+World+Premiere+Snow+White+g2dtXzs8t0Al Liberty+Ross+Video+Premiere+My+Valentine+Hosted+olUz4iQ3iAGl LRoss_v_15sep11_1_LR LRoss_v_29sep11_1_LR

photos: zimbio / vogue uk



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