O-llo, have you met Edun?

Launched in 2005, this socially conscious contemporary fashion label is the brainchild of Ali Hewson and her husband, Bono, frontman of one of my all-time favorite bands, U2.

Anyway, here’s some outfits I like from Edun’s Winter/Fall 2013 collection, shown on the first night of New York fashion week.

Edun-20RF13-202497_catwalk_img_400_665 Edun-20RF13-202504_catwalk_img_400_665 Edun-20RF13-202522_catwalk_img_400_665 Edun-20RF13-202540_catwalk_img_400_665 Edun-20RF13-202560_catwalk_img_400_665 Edun-20RF13-202569_catwalk_img_400_665Edun-20RF13-202585_catwalk_img_400_665 Edun-20RF13-202289_catwalk_img_400_665 Edun-20RF13-202300_catwalk_img_400_665 Edun-20RF13-202330_catwalk_img_400_665 Edun-20RF13-202348_catwalk_img_400_665 Edun-20RF13-202356_catwalk_img_400_665 Edun-20RF13-202365_catwalk_img_400_665 Edun-20RF13-202382_catwalk_img_400_665 Edun-20RF13-202386_catwalk_img_400_665 Edun-20RF13-202394_catwalk_img_400_665 Edun-20RF13-202401_catwalk_img_400_665 Edun-20RF13-202424_catwalk_img_400_665 Edun-20RF13-202443_catwalk_img_400_665 Edun-20RF13-202454_catwalk_img_400_665 Edun-20RF13-202468_catwalk_img_400_665 Edun-20RF13-202484_catwalk_img_400_665 Edun-20RF13-202491_catwalk_img_400_665

photos: elle hk



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