DIY: Little White Dress (part 2)

This post is way way overdue. This is the second installment of that “little white dress” that I originally prepared for my sister, Ella, which has now turned into a somewhat bigger project. To brush up on things, me and my sister will wear this singular LWD in at least four different ways, on different occasions, of course. So, this idea prompted me to make this organza and lace piece for my other sister, Kat, to wear over the white mini dress.

Well, this was how it looked on her.

I love how the dress looks on my sister and I’m quite very satisfied with how nice the whole thing turned out. Though, my sister was complaining about how itchy the fabric was. Kat dresses for comfort, and so do my other two sisters. I’d usually have to coax her them into wear something fancy. Thankfully, they indulge me. 🙂 Though, I’d have to admit, Kat scrubs up well when the occasion calls for it. She’s a stylish dresser and can pull off any outfit well. Proud much?

Anyhoo, if I may… another outfit post.

Such is life… Jette


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