La Vie Boheme: Verses in the Life of a Girl


I’ve been meaning to write about a lot of things but have just been caught up with the awards season and many other things in between. This blog has somehow become more of an archive rather than a journal, I suppose. So far, I’ve shared only a few of my personal works, thoughts, etc, until now. So, in a bid to add a bit more color, words, substance, and personality into this space. I’ll be posting some of my works then and now. I’ve done some fashion related stuffs last year and I’ve been working on several personal projects since. Currently, I’m trying to get most of them finished so they could get air time here.

First off, I’ll be sharing a series of photos that I took of my sister some time early October last year, which I’ll dub the La Vie Boheme Series… I styled the shoot, did the make up, photographed, and edited the photos.

Well, I was mainly bored and frustrated with a lot of things that I needed to channel some of my energy into doing something (creative) simply to break the monotony of my home-work-home routine. Besides, I had been obsessing over some looks I was itching to put together for a supposed shoot with some friends. The shoot was unfortunately canceled. So, I dragged Ella into my craziness and asked her to model for me. And I was so glad she agreed.

Originally, I prepared 7 outfits for this shoot. But as we only had a few hours, we only got to do five. I’ve put the outfits together mostly for sentimental reasons. I used a point and shoot camera then processed the photos in Photoshop. Anyway, here’s the first of four looks.

Part 1: Verses in the Life of a Girl

Such is life… Jette


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