La Vie Boheme: Worlds Collide

I hope you enjoyed Part1 of this series. Up next is, of course, another set of four photos. These were also taken with a Samsung ES65 (point and shoot) camera then processed in Photoshop.

Oh! And by the by, you may have noticed some changes here in my space, e.g. blavatar (seriously, I just learned that word today!), tagline, blog title… Well, I’ve finally found time to click on the various WordPress features. Have I mentioned that I’m a bit of a technophobe? I probably have not… Yeah, it usually takes time before I try to learn new techie stuff… Actually, it’s more likely that I’m just lazy. I don’t think I have the patience to sit through the day or even an hour just tinkering with these things. It’s the learning part that I usually find boring, though. Learning the ropes aren’t that difficult, right? It’s just that, there’s too many things one needs to get himself familiar with- click this and that, go here and there, do this and that. You know? But, on times I find myself working for hours in front of the computer editing, uploading, posting, etc., I get amazed at how time flies by and would wish time would stretch a bit more to let me finish. Three hours may pass and it would still feel like I’ve only been working for half an hour. Sometimes, I even miss eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I’m absolutely not ignorant about the benefits of technology and the downsides of not getting in on the latest trends. In fact, I am totally in awe of how quickly things have changed in my lifetime! It’s just that, I should make more effort to move with the times. *sigh* Sometimes, I get to thinking that life was so much simpler in the past. But in actuality, things are much simpler and easier now with all these advances in technologies. It’s the pace at which things move nowadays that has quickened, which makes me look back to the times when things were a lot more laid back. Then, I’d start wishing that things would slow down a bit.

Anyhoo, if the title seems familiar, I’m a big fan of Plumb. ‘A Fairy Tale’ is one of my favorite songs, ever. So… on to the photos…

Part 2: Worlds Collide

Together we seem perfect | A fairy tale for sure | And looking on the outside | |You’d never even know | We’re just not right | When compromise is wrong | Seems out of sight | In this place we belong | Giving everything | Giving everything for love | I’m finding out that its not enough | There’s nothing left between you and I | I’m finding faith but losing us (I’m losing us) | When worlds collide

Such is life… Jette


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