La Vie Boheme: Cinnamon Bun

Here’s the fourth installment of the La Vie Boheme Series. I might have gone a little ambitious with my editing skills here. I had some difficulties lightening the face part in these photos as my sister was posed against the light, looking down, and I wasn’t using any reflector. These photos required a bit more effort to edit than the photos in Part 2: Worlds Collide, and Part 3: Strangeness and Charm.

Oh! And that book that Ella is pretending to read is actually a random book (by Han Suyin, titled “…and the Rain my Drink-” might be a good read…?) I picked up in a book sale some months ago. Earlier, when packing or this shoot, I mistook it as one of the books by Robert Jordan that The Mister owns.

On the other hand, the big book that Ella carries in Part 1: Verses in the Life of a Girl is Book 10 of Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time fantasy series. Crossroads of Twilight. The series was introduced to me by The Mister. While pregnant with MasterD, I spent the evenings reading books 1 to 9. I’ve been  fan ever since. I just learned that the final book of the series (Book 14: A Memory of Light) was recently released. So, The Mister and I are both looking forward to grabbing a copy.  Can’t wait to complete the collection and finally find out how the story ends. Of course.

Part 4: Cinnamon Bun

Such is life… Jette


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