In other news

With the culmination of the awards season and the fashion week wrapping up, expect a lull in my photo laden postings of carpet arrivals and front row attendees, naturally. But I shall continue with my weekly posting of fashionable celebs. And, perhaps this would be an opportune time to begin my style icon features as well as more postings of my personal work- things that occupy what free time I can afford. And actually, here, I’ve mentioned in passing that I had several works in progress. And finally, I’ve finished them! Whew! So, expect a few Recycle and Reuse as well as DIY postings soon. Also, I’ll be posting some photos that my good friends Eman and Cj took of me last year. So, that’s that…

To those who have been dropping by, liking my posts, commenting, and actually following my space, thank you so much.

I wish you all a great day and see you soon!

Oh! And guess what’s playing full blast on my stereo right now…


Learn to Fly…

Such is life… Jette



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