Recycle, Reuse: Braided Sandals

Finally, a second feature in my recycle and reuse list. What is it? These DIY platforms.

Two, three years ago, this is how they looked. Sorry, I don’t usually take a close up of my footwear, bear with me. Kindly ignore my face and move your gaze down to my feet. Thank you. 🙂


Yes, these babies used to be flats. They were actually a bit uncomfortable to wear as the soles weren’t cushioned. But the straps were lovely, so I can’t find it in me to throw them away. After adding a few things here and there, the flats are now platforms. I’ve spent less than $10 for the materials which included a pair of thrifted platforms($1), leather cords($2), metal lock($.50), abaca flower applique($2), and an overused top,which was a favorite ($0). I’m quite happy with how the sandals turned out.


So why recycle and reuse? Well, I might have insinuated one way or another in a previous post that I tend to put an outfit together for sentimental reasons. So, let’s assume that some, if not most items in my closet have sentimental value (e.g. some items I bought with my dad while he was still alive, items I wore on a memorable date or a special occasion, etc). Anyway, there are some pieces that I simply couldn’t get rid of so easily. So, I often get to think about recycling them instead, giving them a more updated look. Also, I sometimes find it a good challenge to revamp some of the things I own because: a) I’m bored with how they look; b) They are starting to come apart although I barely used them (this usually is the case with footwear as I’m not a practical buyer, most times; impulsive); and c) they don’t look flattering on me. I really don’t know why or how this hobby came about. Perhaps, it’s due to boredom coupled with my proclivity of giving old useless things a new look and purpose. I might have inherited this from my paternal grandmother who always renovates or restyles various parts of her house (or sometimes even the entire house), whenever she finds herself stuck at home with nothing much to do- no parties to attend, no places to visit. So, yes- when she’s bored.

Such is life… Jette


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