La Photographie: C’ est la vie

As mentioned in a previous post, my good friends Eman and CJ asked me to model for them a few times last year. I was happy to oblige as: a) I was bored; and b) I’ve realized years ago that I’m not getting any younger. Thus, I should try to be bolder and, well, just have fun while I still have some youth on me. Right. So, the photoshoots kicked off some time June, I think. And if you’d care to notice, my hair has grown longer in later photos. Til now, I haven’t had my hair cut since January 2012!

We had, like, four photoshoot sessions, give or take. So, I’ll be posting them in series. For the first set, here’s some lovely photos that were shot and edited by dear Eman.

La Photographie! | EArnaez Photography: Never Let me go

For these, we actually took a bus out of the city. It took us about an hour or so to get to the town, which included a narrowly avoided fatal accident. Our overloaded bus skittered on a very narrow rough road, carved out of the mountain side. Seriously, the bus was on the verge of the cliff! So, imagine how terrified we were when the bus tipped onto its side, threatening to tumble off the cliff. With our breath caught in our throats, we looked at each other, wide-eyed and tongue-tied, disbelieving. Gratefully, it wasn’t our time to bid dear life adios. So, when we go to our destination and off the bus, we just laughed off the incident once. On our trip back to the city, we took the safer route, as common sense would dictate.

By the way, here’s a few other photos taken on the same day at another location.

You can check out more of Eman’s work @ La Photographie! | EArnaez Photography.

 Such is life… Jette



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