A Gucci Woman

… “seduces with her dangerous femininity.” -Frida Giannini-

Let me backtrack a bit to A/W 2013/2014 Milan Fashion Week last February. I meant to write about this earlier but I got swamped with other things to do, and well, this bit simply slipped my mind. But these are simply stunning!

_GVC0108.450x675_GVC0093.450x675_GVC0133.450x675_GVC0114.450x675_GVC0141.450x675_GVC0433.450x675_GVC0457.450x675 _GVC0224.450x675_GVC0308.450x675_GVC0465.450x675_GVC0475.450x675_GVC0509.450x675_GVC0533.450x675_GVC0575.450x675

Gucci Autumn/Winter 2013-14 Womenswear (photos: style.com)

_GVC0585.450x675Yeah? How gorgeous are these outfits? Mesh, Feathers, and leather… All the things I love. The clothes are simply stunning… arresting. Tough, yet sophisticated from their silhouettes to the materials. Not too feminine, yet graceful. Props to Gucci’s current creative director, the beautiful Frida Giannini, and to the designers of the label, of course. 

This dress on the left, in particular, caught my attention. Why? Well, late November of last year I made an outfit for my sister, Ella, to wear to a birthday celebration she was attending on December 1st. Anyway, in my original design, I was to put a bird design (with some feathers, sequins, and beads) on the bust area.

I made these.

The ones on top were the first ones I made, which were not turning out as planned. So, I had to start over, using a different material.  I finished the ones at the bottom within a day. Unfortunately  Ella didn’t want them put on the white mini dress. So, I complied. And incidentally, a few days before I finished the outfit, my other sister, Kat, called asking if I had some white dress I could lend her to wear to a party she was attending on the 23rd of the same month. I have several white day dresses, but nothing for evening parties. So, I thought she might want to wear the white mini dress I prepared for Ella. But I made this for her, for an entirely different look.

Fairly disappointed that I labored on making the beaded bird appliques (do they even look like birds?) only for them to be discarded, another light bulb lit up. And, voila! Enter, the idea that my sisters and myself ought to wear the LWD in (at least) four different ways. I decided to add the appliques come my time to wear the dress as I don’t think my other two sisters would want the appliques on the LWD either. Below is how the dress would look like once I’ve put on the appliques and accents, more or less.

OK, so it’s nowhere near as amazing as the Gucci piece. Now you know why my sister didn’t want the appliques on. But I am more determined than ever to make improvements on the design- appliques, feather, beads, and all. Chos! *fingers crossed.*

Such is life… Jette



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