La Photographie: Night Watch

Hello there! A few days ago, I talked (a bit?) about my thoughts on some cringe-inducing photos of mine. Well, some of the photos below, I find, are such photos, mainly because I find them a bit provocative for my taste. But, on the flip side, I kind of appreciate them because at least for a time, even if it were just for these photos, I managed to look a bit… well, could any of these pass for sultry? :). This was the final shoot with Eman and CJ last year. I am absolutely in awe of Eman’s skills and my posting these photos here is largely a compliment to his talent. Thank you so much, Eman and CJ.

And as I’ve mentioned here, fashion and photography have always been great interests of mine. I used to entertain myself with thoughts of actually styling, directing, and photographing a photoshoot. When I’m restless and bored, I’d come up with various concepts for a shoot- outfits, make up, theme, mood, the like.

But of course, now I know better. It’s no easy feat to be the stylist, make-up artist, director, and photographer all at the same time, and pull off a shoot gracefully. Or perhaps, is it just me? I’d lose focus in one or several areas that I’d end up with sub-par results. To sum it up, I find it a little difficult to multitask during a photoshoot session.With so many things swirling in my head, I keep pushing aside pressing matters pertaining to one area or the other.

So, yeah. I often find myself zoning out when in an actual shoot. I get stressed out and simply lose perspective of things. Need more practice. Discipline, perhaps?



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