All the Small Things

I miss my little rascals.

It’s already summer here where we live and school’s out. So, my hobbitses are on vacation. They flew off to The City of Smiles on Monday to spend summer with Mum, my sisters, cousins, family- the lot. So, when they left I was choking with sadness. But I know it would be a good break for them. I console myself with the thought of seeing them again next week. It’s the Holy Week, which equates to a long weekend. So, yes, I will definitely be reunited with my hobbitses pretty soon. But while I wait out the time, my mind is full of them, which brings me to talk about this.

MasterD and MissL hard at work…

For this…

I love this piece to bits. Tsumori Chisato, with her whimsical prints, was my inspiration. It took them several weeks to finish as there were times they simply didn’t want to draw on the fabric because it crumples and wrinkles and they found it quite difficult to draw on. Admittedly, at first, I tried coaxing them to draw the designs I wanted. But I figured, what’s the point of having them do it if I didn’t give them free reign to draw whatever they wanted. Might as well do it myself, right? Which defeats the purpose of having them draw designs on the fabric which was the main objective.

Anyway, as MasterD is so into dinosaurs, dragons, soldiers, and stuff. Those were the things he drew. MissL, on the other hand, drew cartoon characters from her favorite shows as well as several characters of her own. When they finally finished, I was faced with another challenge. I had to battle through some protests, particularly from MasterD, to not make a dress out of their artwork. But, I begged and luckily triumphed, though not without some guilt. My greatest regret is that the pens they used for coloring weren’t fabric pens. So, the colors came off when the fabric was washed. I know! Anyway, here’s their work up close.

So, yeah, I try to involve my kids in things and activities I hold close to heart. In fact, this is actually the second outfit which prints were done by my little rascals. The first one was actually this floral tunic below, which I had customized. The print is a collaborative work between MasterD, MissL, The Mister, and yours truly. I wore it to a Hawaiian-themed party three years ago.

The inspiration for this dress was Selita Ebank’s dress:

Selita Ebanks during the Target East Harlem Grand Opening on July 20, 2010 photo: zimbio

Selita Ebanks during the Target East Harlem Grand Opening on July 20, 2010 photo: zimbio

She’s simply gorgeous!

Such is life… Jette


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