Recycle, Reuse: Thong Heels


The first time I saw these pvc studded Louboutins on Bella Thorne, I was captivated. Her feet looked sexy in them! But then again, she might simply have naturally sexy feet 🙂 . Still, that didn’t deter me from wanting a pair for myself. But the price tag surely did. Thus, I’m confined to wishful thinking. Then it occurred to me that a pair of studded pvc sandals is doable, DIY style. But I didn’t think much of the idea as it was one of those lazy days when ideas just keep pouring in- some doable while others are simply fantastical- while I stare blankly at my monitor. However, some days or weeks later, while in my spring cleaning mood, I unearthed a rotting pair of thong heels(some of you probably know what I mean?) which I bought in 2007(!), I thought, why not try my studded pvc idea on them. So began my search for the materials, which mainly included long strips of thick clear pvc and gold studs. I also bought a can of metallic gold paint. But decided against using it at the last minute and used gold glitters instead. The result:

Not as gorgeous as the Louboutins. But wearable, more or less : ). I only wish I was able to find smaller studs. Unfortunately, I had to settle with the larger ones. I think it would have really made a big difference if the studs were smaller and the straps a wee bit thinner. But with the design I had in mind, I think that would make walking in them difficult. So, these are OK. I’m thinking of adding some chains here and there. But, we’ll see. Anyway, here are several photos of me wearing the heels, and then some.


Actually, this isn’t the first time these old pair was revamped. The first time I restyled it, I added black buttons on the thong strap. See photo below, with MasterD and Mum (circa 2010).

Before the modifications, the heels had black soles, white straps with silver chains and charms. Below is a photo that (somewhat) shows the heels in its former glory.

Such is life…  Jette


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. visualisa
    Mar 27, 2013 @ 11:51:38

    I adore those heels!


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