2013 Nickelodeon (26th) Kids’ Choice Award

My favorites on the purple carpet, thus far:

Nickelodeon+26th+Annual+Kids+Choice+Awards+9Oplw_2AXt7l Nickelodeon+26th+Annual+Kids+Choice+Awards+0W3nJwUhiiTl Madison+Pettis+Nickelodeon+26th+Annual+Kids+7OyWyzD7g0ml Ashley+Tisdale+Nickelodeon+26th+Annual+Kids+wPU7heC9G2xx Nickelodeon+26th+Annual+Kids+Choice+Awards+W1SyMl5jDudl Nickelodeon+26th+Annual+Kids+Choice+Awards+-xH1N1M6oVgl Nickelodeon+26th+Annual+Kids+Choice+Awards+Zbv_V_1O3dHl Willow+Smith+Nickelodeon+26th+Annual+Kids+zNLCso6TyUyx article-0-18E2345D000005DC-304_634x914 Nickelodeon+26th+Annual+Kids+Choice+Awards+TXJ07zTlEL7l Nickelodeon+26th+Annual+Kids+Choice+Awards+TlwOq7YeeZGl Nickelodeon+26th+Annual+Kids+Choice+Awards+TEHRIUCuY3ql Nickelodeon+26th+Annual+Kids+Choice+Awards+rD4Rvq71tjVl Nickelodeon+26th+Annual+Kids+Choice+Awards+qsBGf_urJK6l Nickelodeon+26th+Annual+Kids+Choice+Awards+dMX2qJRbNAEl Nickelodeon+26th+Annual+Kids+Choice+Awards+GIPRuS7cxtPl Nickelodeon+26th+Annual+Kids+Choice+Awards+h3a7F95ZyeEl Nickelodeon+26th+Annual+Kids+Choice+Awards+l5auz4Ys_TEl Nickelodeon+26th+Annual+Kids+Choice+Awards+o8dxh7wye5ml Nickelodeon+26th+Annual+Kids+Choice+Awards+ctaFESWk53Gl Nickelodeon+26th+Annual+Kids+Choice+Awards+bqgKLFozL-Il Nickelodeon+26th+Annual+Kids+Choice+Awards+8bQhfWFihecl

I so love the candy colored backdrop and carpet. Don’t you? Anyway, on to the winners:

Favorite TV Show: “Victorious”
Favorite Reality Show: “Wipeout”
Favorite Cartoon: “SpongeBob SquarePants”
Favorite TV Actor: Ross Lynch (“Austin & Ally”)
Favorite TV Actress: Selena Gomez (“Wizards of Waverly Place”)
Favorite Male Athlete: LeBron James
Favorite Female Athlete: Danica Patrick
Favorite Book: “The Hunger Games” series
Favorite Video Game: “Just Dance 4”
Favorite App: Temple Run
Favorite Movie: “The Hunger Games”
Favorite Movie Actor: Johnny Depp (“Dark Shadows”)
Favorite Movie Actress: Kristen Stewart (“The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn- Part 2”)
Favorite Animated Movie: “Wreck-It Ralph”
Favorite Voice from an Animated Movie: Adam Sandler (“Hotel Transylvania”)
Favorite Female Buttkicker: Kristen Stewart (“Snow White and the Huntsman”)
Favorite Male Buttkicker: Dwayne Johnson (“Journey 2: The Mysterious Island”)
Favorite Villain: Simon Cowell (“The X Factor”)
Favorite Music Group: One Direction
Favorite Male Singer: Justin Bieber
Favorite Female Singer: Katy Perry
Favorite Song: “What Makes You Beautiful” (One Direction)



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