In Focus: Camilla Arkans

It’s been a while since I last visited the pages of Fashion Gone Rogue. Some four or five years ago, I’d spend at least an hour perusing the site’s web pages just to go Oooh and Ahhh at the wondrous and gorgeous photos numerous fashion magazines churn out. Truly, there is a great abundance of talented photographers out there that I could barely count with my fingers, more so remember their names, which is truly shameful because they deserve recognition. So, I’m truly grateful to Fashion Gone Rogue for archiving these works of art to be viewed and reviewed by people a plenty. Not many people have the luxury to buy a bunch of magazines or have the space to keep the lot, me including.


photo: FashionGoneRogue

So, what brought about this minor rambling of mine was my stumbling upon the For Love and Lemons campaign featuring Ashley Smith. First and foremost, I loved the clothes that were designed by Gillian Mahin and Laura Hall. Secondly, Ashley Smith has a terrific bod. Thirdly, the photos that were styled by Ashley Glorioso and photographed by Zoey Grossman were  beautiful.

But what particularly caught my attention was a comment by a certain Steven that mentioned Camilla Akrans. Curious, I googled her. And I was gobsmacked! She really does make great photos! It’s very easy to fall in love with her works. If you’re unfamiliar with her just as I had been, visit this lundlund page. I adore Camilla Akrans’ works. I’m a new fan, definitely. And because I’m one of biggest Florence and the Machine fans ever, I’m posting this Camilla Akrans photo of Florence Welch for the July 2012 cover of Harper’s Bazaar. Oh! In case you’re wondering, this set was styled by Sissy Vian. Now, be mesmerized…



Such is life… Jette



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