Really! I have a lot of things lined up to feature here. It’s just that, I still haven’t gotten back to the swing of things after the long holiday afforded to me by the Holy Week. But, seriously. Easter Sunday was a bum as The Mister and I were en route to our adopted city instead of having a lovely brunch with family. We had work the next day and we decided against taking a leave. But it was a good break overall being reunited with my hobbitses, my Mum, sisters, and friends. My only regret was being confined in bed the first two days of arriving home as I’m aging and probably couldn’t take long arduous trips anymore?- i.e sleeping around 12 midnight and waking up less than three hours after for a six to eight hours trip that involves buses and a ferry.

Anyway, to get the ball rolling, I’m starting off with this Polyvore set.

I made this 4 years ago. And, here you thought I’d be posting something more updated. I’ve contemplated on it, but then again, I’m kind of wrung dry of inspiration today. Bzzzt! And, honestly, it’s been a while since I last popped in on this lovely style community. My posting this here only means that I’ll be visiting more often from here on.

Such is life… Jette



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