David Bowie is

… an exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London which is running from March 23rd until August 11th of this year. This post is long over due, I know. Better late than never, so they say… And,oh yeah! Bowie recently released a new album “The Next Day.” But honestly, whenever David Bowie name turns up, the movie Labyrinth always comes to mind first and his song ‘Ground Control to Major Tom’ second.


Anyway, here are some of the celebs that turned up when the exhibition opened.

article-0-18CD3FC7000005DC-269_306x603  article-2296132-18CADABD000005DC-32_634x884 article-2296355-18CD3CF9000005DC-665_306x662 article-2296619-18D110CF000005DC-935_634x755 article-2296619-18D0A840000005DC-700_306x676article-2296619-18D0B8AF000005DC-876_306x662article-2296619-18D0B68F000005DC-508_306x668 article-2296619-18D0A838000005DC-975_634x912 article-2296619-18D0B129000005DC-388_306x676 timthumb (1)article-2296619-18D0CD0E000005DC-411_306x668 Laura-Bailey-Gucci-David-Bowie-Is-Exhibition-Opening-1timthumb (2) article-0-18CD4361000005DC-581_634x454

photos: zimbio / dailymail



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