throwback: wedding expo

In 2002, Lalaine invited moi, Fritz, and Rolan to join a Bridal Fair in Manila. The venue: The Fort. I think we had about two or three weeks of preparation here in Bacolod before flying to Manila. Fritz and Rolan showcased their artwork while Lalaine and myself showcased gowns we designed.

Here we are setting up our stall… Fritz, Rolan, and myself. Dear Lalaine took this photo.


We finished very late at night. Whew!


The artworks scattered about were Fritz and Rolan’s. I think Lalaine also had some of her artwork on display.

Day 1 of the fashion show.


Yeah… I had to model my designs… I was very nervous and been trembling on stage the entire time…!


Day 2…


I still have that “Bride” Laline made..! Love it to bits… Will probably post an OOTD of it here…


Of course, we partied in betweens. We visited 78Orange, Cable Car, and other bars which names I already forgot, and am not sure i any o them are still around We also frequented Rockwell which just opened at that time. There were highs and lows, but overall, it was absolutely fun!

Sometimes, I wish I could turn back time…



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