Recycle, Reuse: T-strap Heels

HI’ve been meaning to post this bit a few weeks ago, but only managed to do so today. *face palm*

Anyway, a little over two years ago I bought a pair of tan T-strap heels. I love heels. When shopping, I am more inclined to buy heels rather than flats. This frustrates me as I usually wear flats rather than heels. Heels are impractical, especially for me as I’m almost always late for work and, thus have to literally run to beat the clock. And where I live, the streets/roads aren’t exactly favorable for walking on heels. So, really, it’s not always that I get to wear heels. So why am I more inclined to buy heels than flats? Well, it’s a visual thing. And since I seldom get to use them, they end up get stacked on racks or shoved in some closet, which aren’t healthy for shoes as after a few months of not being used, they of course start to fall apart. So it’s always best to wear them as often as possible (which I’m now reminded to air out some shoes, else take them to my cobbler).

My T-strap heels suffered such a fate. Here are a few outfit photos with the said heels.


I rarely wore them and as they started to fall apart, I felt guilty and didn’t want to throw them away. So, I bought some fabric, rubber cement, all-purpose glue, colored sand, and turned them into these.

And here I am trying them on…

This project took a while to finish, mainly due to bouts of laziness. For DIY tutorials on how to cover shoes with fabric, head over to whipstich and  …love Maegan.

By the way, while surfing the net for a pair of Doc Martens, I stumbled upon these:


Well, I just thought the print is very similar to the fabric I used. Aaand, I’ve already finished several other DIY projects. Just got to make time photographing them and all. Hope you had a great day.

There are these thoughts that have been hanging around my head after April 18th but somehow, I can’t talk about it here, don’t want to. It’s hard. Losing loved ones and all. My deepest condolences to the victims’ families…

Such is life… Jette


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