DIY: Little White Dress (part 3)

So, I’ve already posted photos that show how my sisters Ella and Kat wore the little white dress. Now, here’s how my other sister, Cara, wore the dress.

I had her wear a plain long jersey dress underneath the LWD, and the sheer cape-like thingie, like a shawl. The result is of course this off-shoulder confection.

This look actually reminds of the yellow Escada gown that Naomi Watts wore to the 2007 Oscars. Well, to an extent.


Naomi Watts
79th Annual Academy Awards
photo grabbed from

Oh! And that boxy thing my sister is holding is actually a book clutch that I made for her as a gift. If the cover looks familiar, its an illustration by Reuben Toledo for Charlotte Bronte’s novel Wuthering Heights. I wanted to give her something unique to use when attending parties or something. 🙂

So, I have yet to post the fourth and final part of this DIY: LWD series. But really, the fourth look that I’m hoping to post here  isn’t is the final look that I could come up with using this little white dress. It’s just a matter of adding or changing elements to achieve a different look, right? The possibilities are endless. One can make a number of different looks with just a simple mini dress and an array of accessories and complementary pieces.

But for now, here’s an outfit post.

Btw, that top is something I “recycled and reused.” It used to have 3/4 sleeves and a crew neck. It was a gift from my parents a long time ago which I simply can’t throw nor give away. It’s been in my closet for years, unworn for long periods (the style was’t flattering on me), until I decided to restyle it. The  crochet lace-like accent is something I made myself and added on to the reworked top.

Such is life… Jette


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