i love pink

Yeah, I admit. I love pink. Proof of that are my pairs of pink high tops, pink flip flops, pink mules, and pink ballerina flats. Though, it wasn’t always so. Actually, I used to hate pink. I was such a tomboy that I would not be caught dead wearing pink. But that was before and no longer. I looove pink! Well, at present anyway. Another color I find myself being drawn to lately is lavender. I even bought a wonderfully soft lavender lace fabric on a whim. *sigh*

Anyhoo, I’ll be posting up a storm soon. At least, I plan to… I hope to… *sigh.* Have a great week! Thanks for dropping by.

Such is life… Jette



DIY: Little White Dress (part 4)

So, here’s the fourth installment of the DIY: LWD (proposed four part) series, as promised. Though, I could still think up several more ways to wear the dress, modify the look, really. Well, in any case, I’m sure I’ll be talking about it here. So, I won’t say that this would be the final installment of the LWD series just yet.  Anyway, as I’ve mentioned here, I planned on adding appliques on the upper part of the LWD’s bodice. Well, I did just that. Here’s the work in progress. SAM_5967 And as proposed, I’ll be the one to wear the dress this time around. Now, the thing is, with the new design I had in mind, there’s simply no occasion, special or otherwise, in my simple existence in which I could wear it to and not seem overdressed. You see, I bought a gorgeous lavender lace fabric a while back and I’ve been itching to use it, one way or the other. So, the new design I came up with turned out to be too dressy than I had hoped, with the lace and all. And I thought, the only time I could probably don the outfit is when I get an invite to a wedding or such. But no such luck. So, I thought a photoshoot would suffice, if chanced upon. And chance upon it I did. As summer draws to a close, Nashy, Mauski and myself have been planning some day trips to various beaches. So, I thought I might slip  in a photoshoot session in one of these trips. With that in mind, I prepared some accessories to go with the beach setting. I made an anklet, a toe ring, a hand harness, and an armband. And just the previous weekend, on Saturday, that opportune time for the photoshoot came. Without further ado, here are the photos…

Yeah, I know. Awkward, as always. *sigh.* Anyway, these were taken by Mauski, by the way. We did these just before heading home. The beach was a two-hour or so drive from the city and we missed our bus. Nashy didn’t go with us that day, busy. I’ll be posting some pictures of that trip here in a future post. But for now, ciao! *update* Oh, by the by… here’s a quick recap of how my sisters wore the LWD…

So, there. Thanks for dropping by! Such is life…. Jette

Fashionable Week in Photos: May 06-12

Kerry+Washington+Kerry+Washington+Poses+Fans+1yqFoltJkRZx EXCLUSIVE NTSF:SD:SUV film set in Parliament Square article-0-19A963CB000005DC-125_634x752 article-0-19A6535F000005DC-504_634x893 article-0-19AFB15F000005DC-440_634x872article-0-19AB4FBE000005DC-39_634x851article-0-19AB25C0000005DC-489_634x817 article-0-19AB494F000005DC-523_306x967article-0-19AB4812000005DC-231_306x967 article-0-19AC4D57000005DC-650_642x943 article-0-19AC21DC000005DC-674_638x801 article-0-19AC22B8000005DC-464_308x702 article-0-19AFF219000005DC-907_306x814 article-0-19B01AE3000005DC-598_634x865 article-0-19B04FB0000005DC-334_634x958 article-0-19B0B1D2000005DC-59_634x875 article-0-19B05070000005DC-577_306x713article-0-19B09ED0000005DC-509_634x873article-0-19B09D5E000005DC-417_306x773 article-0-19B48A0B000005DC-778_306x739 article-0-19B48A0F000005DC-838_306x739 article-0-19B48B4B000005DC-29_634x1181article-0-19B48964000005DC-354_634x1149 article-0-19B0109A000005DC-839_306x814 article-0-19B441F7000005DC-232_634x856 article-0-19B441FF000005DC-950_306x700 article-0-19B05614000005DC-954_634x930 article-0-19BE741F000005DC-310_306x677article-2320306-19A56F73000005DC-64_644x1213 article-2320306-19A58D1A000005DC-529_638x909 article-2320717-19A88A8C000005DC-833_306x605 article-2320899-19A9DCFF000005DC-649_634x1111 article-2320900-19AA5CA0000005DC-562_634x926 article-2320935-19A9D473000005DC-408_306x710article-2320992-19AB1E2D000005DC-111_634x733 article-2320992-19AB04F0000005DC-647_634x827 article-2321070-19ABF369000005DC-573_634x876 article-2321073-19ABAEF3000005DC-111_634x1062 article-2321074-19AB81B5000005DC-313_634x986 article-2321304-19ADF5B6000005DC-65_634x860article-2321566-19AF1524000005DC-323_306x704 article-2321689-19B01D9F000005DC-407_306x798 article-2321689-19B01E87000005DC-235_306x798 article-2321696-19B02F78000005DC-324_306x725 article-2322353-19B4BFB7000005DC-526_634x912article-2322353-19B4BFA3000005DC-575_634x880 article-2321761-19B0D637000005DC-602_634x898 article-2321696-19B043E6000005DC-697_634x516 article-2321696-19B0355D000005DC-172_306x622 article-2321707-19B05E71000005DC-958_306x690article-2321718-19B09C6A000005DC-320_306x887 article-2321718-19B09739000005DC-146_634x953 article-2321832-19B110B4000005DC-356_634x932 article-2322361-19B4BF5F000005DC-38_634x901 article-2323878-19C20F57000005DC-336_638x715 article-2323807-19C0A6AE000005DC-662_634x929article-2322361-19B4BF43000005DC-682_634x883 article-2321760-19B0EC97000005DC-693_634x903 article-2322372-19B4F047000005DC-699_634x885 article-2323419-19BE3723000005DC-95_306x678 

photos: zimbio / dailymail uk


Happy Birthday Mum!

I’m not as vocal as Kat. But here, I can say “Luv yah!” I’ll admit. I’ve realized, we’re helpless without you… Thank you so much!

Here’s for many more birthdays to celebrate!

Such is life… Jette


nude + color

Yeah. I’d have to admit, I’m a fan. Of Blake Lively. She’s really beautiful. And she’s married to Ryan Reynolds! Hah! Yes, I had been a Van Wilder fan. Perhaps still is. I just love that movie! And, Ryan Reynolds. I can watch that movie over and over, still. I’ll not get tired of it. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds make such a lovely couple, yeah? Anyway, hope you had a great day peeps!


DIY: Braided Back Tee

Had a great day at the beach today, with Nashy and Ms. Mimi. It’s been a while since I’ve gone swimming, and today, I made up for lost times… kind of. Perhaps, I’ll jabber about that on a later post. For now, I’ll just be talking about this tee…


It’s The Mister’s and I’ve had my eye on it for the longest time. It’s an old shirt, which I think had been a favorite of his. But from the moment we spotted it on the shop’s rack, I had been secretly hoping to own it. Basically, I love the shirt’s color…  But it was too big for me. Then recently, I finally found an apt style  to turn it into. I got the inspiration from AquiSo, I plucked up the courage to ask The Mister for his favorite shirt. And few snips here, some braiding there, and a few sewing here, I’ve made a new beach cover up/ tee.  Unfortunately, my restyled shirt didn’t turn out as great as I’d hoped. But I love it nonetheless. I debuted the it today at the beach. I paired it with a customized camo shorts that The Mister designed.

Lookie here…


Anyhoo, I’ll be posting more photos of this trip in a future post. It was a lovely day and I did a lot of swimming, which leaves me wondering why I didn’t crawl straight into bed as soon as I got home. In fact, I don’t feel tired at all. That’s weird. Especially for me… Oh well…

Such is life… Jette

Fashionable Week in Photos: April 29-May 05

article-0-19A0A665000005DC-658_634x1104 article-0-19A0A824000005DC-876_634x1295 article-0-19A3B959000005DC-63_634x839 article-0-19A3BD3B000005DC-379_306x835 article-0-19A3BD7B000005DC-250_634x928 article-0-19A3E5C1000005DC-567_634x974 article-0-19A4D027000005DC-161_634x837 article-0-19A42308000005DC-367_634x858 article-0-19A422D4000005DC-301_634x1013article-0-19A1175C000005DC-574_634x902article-0-19A41385000005DC-774_306x777article-0-198BCD2F000005DC-99_634x1070article-0-198BCE80000005DC-233_634x1150article-0-198C24AF000005DC-776_634x803Rolling Stones "50 & Counting" Tour Opener - Backstagearticle-2316913-198C6822000005DC-925_634x933article-2316929-198CB2B4000005DC-104_306x728article-2316929-198CB146000005DC-406_306x728article-2316942-198C8130000005DC-953_306x765article-2316954-198CC5AD000005DC-294_306x749article-2316954-198CCB8A000005DC-758_306x699article-2316954-198CD0F3000005DC-137_306x699article-2320059-19A3D4F2000005DC-20_634x978article-2320059-19A38BA1000005DC-249_306x733article-2320328-19A3A419000005DC-747_634x866article-0-19997B61000005DC-681_306x811article-2319178-199CA275000005DC-400_634x907article-2318697-1999AB78000005DC-827_634x880article-0-1999932A000005DC-632_634x941article-0-199991EA000005DC-268_306x757article-0-19999226000005DC-147_634x868 article-0-199989E8000005DC-291_306x856article-0-199989E4000005DC-753_634x915article-0-199989D8000005DC-172_634x935article-0-199D401D000005DC-819_306x773article-0-199CDE49000005DC-853_634x906article-0-199A5ED5000005DC-997_634x950 article-2319333-199D41F5000005DC-342_634x891 article-2319292-199B2015000005DC-233_634x919article-2319395-199E42C2000005DC-370_634x464  photos: zimbio / dailymail uk


Cream Delight


Punk: Chaos to Couture

What: The opening of 2013 Costume Institute Gala 03 Met Ball

Where: Metropolitan Museum of Art,Costume Institute, New York

When: May 6, 2013 (show will run from May to August 2013)

Gaaah! This is is actually one of the fashion events that I always look forward to every year. And now, without further ado, here are my favorites on the red carpet, in no particular order:

PUNK+Chaos+Couture+Costume+Institute+Gala+cLP5rXl2MH8l article-2320517-19A6B8F0000005DC-45_634x1105 article-2320469-19A69BBD000005DC-559_470x832 article-2320469-19A6BB9C000005DC-971_964x1513 article-2320469-19A6C57E000005DC-512_310x786 PUNK+Chaos+Couture+Costume+Institute+Gala+lpAshnaE0jSl article-2320469-19A6AC49000005DC-560_470x874 article-2320469-19A6E0B1000005DC-986_470x867 article-2320538-19A6EE3E000005DC-429_306x646  article-2320604-19A70700000005DC-295_634x803 article-2320469-19A6C495000005DC-981_964x1568 PUNK+Chaos+Couture+Costume+Institute+Gala+BcjSEfqGcH_l PUNK+Chaos+Couture+Costume+Institute+Gala+wrl6DgdOcUzl article-2320469-19A6F07E000005DC-989_310x850Costume Institute Gala Benefit celebrating the Punk: Chaos To Couture exhibition, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, America - 06 May 2013Pic: David Fisher/ Rex Featuresarticle-2320469-19A6F292000005DC-831_964x1216article-2320469-19A6F5DB000005DC-31_310x910article-2320517-19A6DE37000005DC-792_634x890article-2320469-19A714CD000005DC-628_470x903article-2320469-19A75BAF000005DC-626_964x1157article-2320469-19A707D4000005DC-823_470x857article-2320469-19A6F810000005DC-444_310x766article-2320469-19A6FB2F000005DC-972_310x844article-2320469-19A6F1C9000005DC-591_310x766article-2320469-19A6F790000005DC-548_964x1346Diane+Kruger+Celebrities+Head+Met+Gala+New+mgL8nZp0JCWxDiane+Kruger+PUNK+Chaos+Couture+Costume+Gala+sA4CqWGUcbcx article-2320469-19A72EA6000005DC-144_470x903article-2320546-19A6DF38000005DC-193_634x893article-2320546-19A6E6EB000005DC-47_305x797article-2320469-19A70B16000005DC-550_470x857article-2320469-19A6CFA9000005DC-870_470x894article-2320469-19A6DB27000005DC-787_470x877 PUNK+Chaos+Couture+Costume+Institute+Gala+W21odIFdgeMl article-2320516-19A6BF59000005DC-330_306x844 PUNK+Chaos+Couture+Costume+Institute+Gala+xGjCRqP7rocl article-2320546-19A73D24000005DC-363_312x843 article-2320544-19A6C443000005DC-418_634x965 PUNK+Chaos+Couture+Costume+Institute+Gala+ZAE4KjfErGLl PUNK+Chaos+Couture+Costume+Institute+Gala+8pKJnI5dSw9larticle-2320767-19A7A2A1000005DC-375_634x776 PUNK+Chaos+Couture+Costume+Institute+Gala+7Scz_wKSTu7l article-2320497-19A6DDCE000005DC-873_634x770 PUNK+Chaos+Couture+Costume+Institute+Gala+FYqeoQdgY8wl  article-2321761-19A7BB5E000005DC-778_634x950 PUNK+Chaos+Couture+Costume+Institute+Gala+HiWqh185I6cl PUNK+Chaos+Couture+Costume+Institute+Gala+HNoAct06ixll PUNK+Chaos+Couture+Costume+Institute+Gala+HDE_MEMD2itl article-2320469-19A6DB76000005DC-998_470x857 PUNK+Chaos+Couture+Costume+Institute+Gala+6zE80FQfDcHlarticle-2320469-19A6E064000005DC-126_964x1224 PUNK+Chaos+Couture+Costume+Institute+Gala+Zzd3XjvaYc0l article-2320545-19A6EF69000005DC-993_634x1110 PUNK+Chaos+Couture+Costume+Institute+Gala+TdJhoTU46Iwl Karlie+Kloss+PUNK+Chaos+Couture+Costume+Gala+Sm7KoQO8l6Px article-2321832-19A6975E000005DC-391_634x874 article-2320469-19A6F016000005DC-780_470x964 article-2320559-19A6F0BE000005DC-563_634x1098 Jessica+Pare+PUNK+Chaos+Couture+Costume+Gala+DCdFLnY1Ddjx PUNK+Chaos+Couture+Costume+Institute+Gala+mcJ8lyH6XFAl  article-2320469-19A6F09E000005DC-825_470x877 PUNK+Chaos+Couture+Costume+Institute+Gala+o0GAV_G7B0ol PUNK+Chaos+Couture+Costume+Institute+Gala+29RgDWWZ3Ygl article-2320538-19A6BCC1000005DC-924_306x621 article-2320538-19A6CCBA000005DC-286_306x621 PUNK+Chaos+Couture+Costume+Institute+Gala+_NCcb7WlCHkl PUNK+Chaos+Couture+Costume+Institute+Gala+NI1KnVUNGxll article-2320538-19A69F87000005DC-703_306x635 PUNK+Chaos+Couture+Costume+Institute+Gala+9qaMpWE6ICCl PUNK+Chaos+Couture+Costume+Institute+Gala+9dyV5YQ5hpfl PUNK+Chaos+Couture+Costume+Institute+Gala+xGytzSgaNvRl article-2320538-19A6BB94000005DC-776_196x581 PUNK+Chaos+Couture+Costume+Institute+Gala+sUvSTEuCbwQl article-2320469-19A6A5FB000005DC-1000_964x1152 article-2320539-19A6CC7A000005DC-721_634x993 article-2320539-19A782F7000005DC-811_634x693 PUNK+Chaos+Couture+Costume+Institute+Gala+qMTFVKDhPIzl article-2320469-19A6B8CB000005DC-80_310x786 PUNK+Chaos+Couture+Costume+Institute+Gala+nq5Ux8tBEzxl article-2320469-19A6FAC3000005DC-595_310x910 article-2320543-19A6C868000005DC-680_634x855 article-2320469-19A6BD96000005DC-570_310x850 article-2320604-19A6C371000005DC-609_634x847 article-0-19A6A7C5000005DC-12_306x624 article-2320469-19A6CCB6000005DC-537_470x792article-2320469-19A6DA6B000005DC-935_470x792 article-0-19A6A547000005DC-681_306x624 article-2320543-19A6E3DF000005DC-35_306x659 Sarah+Jessica+Parker+Red+Carpet+Arrivals+Met+S8JVI9f963jx PUNK+Chaos+Couture+Costume+Institute+Gala+cJqPLdxoFCYl article-2320545-19A6FDCF000005DC-666_634x1047 Costume Institute Gala Benefit celebrating the Punk: Chaos To Couture exhibition, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, America - 06 May 2013Pic: David Fisher/ Rex Features

And yes, I’ve included the “too much” and the “not quite” which I think are worth the notice. I’m sure you could pick them out from this lot. 🙂

After party…

article-2320517-19A91F29000005DC-826_306x619 article-2320660-19A85555000005DC-277_306x850

photos: zimbio / dailymail uk


Recycle, Reuse: Green Jacket + DIY: Cuff Clutch

Hello! Finally, I get to post this… I’ve been slacking off a bit, I guess… Ideas keep flooding my head that it’s frustrating… you know? There are so many things I want to do but just can’t quite figure out how to accomplish them all, at once, right away…? Impatience is my bane right now. And procrastination. And… I feel kind of lost. What’s all this for, anyway? Self satisfaction?… then how come I get more frustrated than ever thinking about the things I want done but can’t quite and deadlines I’ve set for myself. Geesh! These things aren’t even a matter of life and death. There’s got to be something else behind all these worrying. Right? OK, nuff said.

Anyway, the victim of my “recycle. reuse” project is this green jacket I bought from a thrift shop weeks ago. Well, I thought the fabric and the design was interesting as I removed it from the rack and inspected it. I didn’t bother trying it on. So, come time I decide to wear it to the office, I didn’t quite like how it fit me.

OK, it doesn’t look that bad in this picture, maybe? But truly, that jacket hung, creased, and twisted in all the wrong places that I ended up wearing it like a cape majority of the time. Then, inspiration hit me. Why not turn this jacket into a cape? Sure, people would probably stare at me with face askew, wondering why I’m wearing a cape in this tropical country. Maybe? But I will not be deterred. So, a few cuts here and some sewing there, the jacket is now a cape.

That black thingie I’m holding is a DIY cuff clutch.

From the moment I saw Leighton Meester rock a black Louis Vuitton Lockit Devotion Clutch during the 2011 Met Ball, I was smitten. Then, I saw Angelina Jolie carry a gold version during at the 2011 Toronto Film Festival premiere of ‘Moneyball.’ And that was it! I knew I had to have one.

Louis Vuitton Lockit Devotion Clutch

Or, at least make one. Sooo, I bought a cheap black clutch, an owl cuff bracelet, and a chain. I attached one end of the chain to the cuff bracelet, then attached the other end to the clutch using a safety pin, and voila!


I used a safety pin to attached the chain+bracelet so I could remove it anytime. And while deciding which photo to post here, I ended up enhancing the photos- adjusting light and color, using filters, and adding texture. Here: 


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