i love pink

Yeah, I admit. I love pink. Proof of that are my pairs of pink high tops, pink flip flops, pink mules, and pink ballerina flats. Though, it wasn’t always so. Actually, I used to hate pink. I was such a tomboy that I would not be caught dead wearing pink. But that was before and no longer. I looove pink! Well, at present anyway. Another color I find myself being drawn to lately is lavender. I even bought a wonderfully soft lavender lace fabric on a whim. *sigh*

Anyhoo, I’ll be posting up a storm soon. At least, I plan to… I hope to… *sigh.* Have a great week! Thanks for dropping by.

Such is life… Jette


DIY: Little White Dress (part 4)

So, here’s the fourth installment of the DIY: LWD (proposed four part) series, as promised. Though, I could still think up several more ways to wear the dress, modify the look, really. Well, in any case, I’m sure I’ll be talking about it here. So, I won’t say that this would be the final installment of the LWD series just yet.  Anyway, as I’ve mentioned here, I planned on adding appliques on the upper part of the LWD’s bodice. Well, I did just that. Here’s the work in progress. SAM_5967 And as proposed, I’ll be the one to wear the dress this time around. Now, the thing is, with the new design I had in mind, there’s simply no occasion, special or otherwise, in my simple existence in which I could wear it to and not seem overdressed. You see, I bought a gorgeous lavender lace fabric a while back and I’ve been itching to use it, one way or the other. So, the new design I came up with turned out to be too dressy than I had hoped, with the lace and all. And I thought, the only time I could probably don the outfit is when I get an invite to a wedding or such. But no such luck. So, I thought a photoshoot would suffice, if chanced upon. And chance upon it I did. As summer draws to a close, Nashy, Mauski and myself have been planning some day trips to various beaches. So, I thought I might slip  in a photoshoot session in one of these trips. With that in mind, I prepared some accessories to go with the beach setting. I made an anklet, a toe ring, a hand harness, and an armband. And just the previous weekend, on Saturday, that opportune time for the photoshoot came. Without further ado, here are the photos…

Yeah, I know. Awkward, as always. *sigh.* Anyway, these were taken by Mauski, by the way. We did these just before heading home. The beach was a two-hour or so drive from the city and we missed our bus. Nashy didn’t go with us that day, busy. I’ll be posting some pictures of that trip here in a future post. But for now, ciao! *update* Oh, by the by… here’s a quick recap of how my sisters wore the LWD…

So, there. Thanks for dropping by! Such is life…. Jette

Fashionable Week in Photos: May 06-12

Kerry+Washington+Kerry+Washington+Poses+Fans+1yqFoltJkRZx EXCLUSIVE NTSF:SD:SUV film set in Parliament Square article-0-19A963CB000005DC-125_634x752 article-0-19A6535F000005DC-504_634x893 article-0-19AFB15F000005DC-440_634x872article-0-19AB4FBE000005DC-39_634x851article-0-19AB25C0000005DC-489_634x817 article-0-19AB494F000005DC-523_306x967article-0-19AB4812000005DC-231_306x967 article-0-19AC4D57000005DC-650_642x943 article-0-19AC21DC000005DC-674_638x801 article-0-19AC22B8000005DC-464_308x702 article-0-19AFF219000005DC-907_306x814 article-0-19B01AE3000005DC-598_634x865 article-0-19B04FB0000005DC-334_634x958 article-0-19B0B1D2000005DC-59_634x875 article-0-19B05070000005DC-577_306x713article-0-19B09ED0000005DC-509_634x873article-0-19B09D5E000005DC-417_306x773 article-0-19B48A0B000005DC-778_306x739 article-0-19B48A0F000005DC-838_306x739 article-0-19B48B4B000005DC-29_634x1181article-0-19B48964000005DC-354_634x1149 article-0-19B0109A000005DC-839_306x814 article-0-19B441F7000005DC-232_634x856 article-0-19B441FF000005DC-950_306x700 article-0-19B05614000005DC-954_634x930 article-0-19BE741F000005DC-310_306x677article-2320306-19A56F73000005DC-64_644x1213 article-2320306-19A58D1A000005DC-529_638x909 article-2320717-19A88A8C000005DC-833_306x605 article-2320899-19A9DCFF000005DC-649_634x1111 article-2320900-19AA5CA0000005DC-562_634x926 article-2320935-19A9D473000005DC-408_306x710article-2320992-19AB1E2D000005DC-111_634x733 article-2320992-19AB04F0000005DC-647_634x827 article-2321070-19ABF369000005DC-573_634x876 article-2321073-19ABAEF3000005DC-111_634x1062 article-2321074-19AB81B5000005DC-313_634x986 article-2321304-19ADF5B6000005DC-65_634x860article-2321566-19AF1524000005DC-323_306x704 article-2321689-19B01D9F000005DC-407_306x798 article-2321689-19B01E87000005DC-235_306x798 article-2321696-19B02F78000005DC-324_306x725 article-2322353-19B4BFB7000005DC-526_634x912article-2322353-19B4BFA3000005DC-575_634x880 article-2321761-19B0D637000005DC-602_634x898 article-2321696-19B043E6000005DC-697_634x516 article-2321696-19B0355D000005DC-172_306x622 article-2321707-19B05E71000005DC-958_306x690article-2321718-19B09C6A000005DC-320_306x887 article-2321718-19B09739000005DC-146_634x953 article-2321832-19B110B4000005DC-356_634x932 article-2322361-19B4BF5F000005DC-38_634x901 article-2323878-19C20F57000005DC-336_638x715 article-2323807-19C0A6AE000005DC-662_634x929article-2322361-19B4BF43000005DC-682_634x883 article-2321760-19B0EC97000005DC-693_634x903 article-2322372-19B4F047000005DC-699_634x885 article-2323419-19BE3723000005DC-95_306x678 

photos: zimbio / dailymail uk


Happy Birthday Mum!

I’m not as vocal as Kat. But here, I can say “Luv yah!” I’ll admit. I’ve realized, we’re helpless without you… Thank you so much!

Here’s for many more birthdays to celebrate!

Such is life… Jette


nude + color

Yeah. I’d have to admit, I’m a fan. Of Blake Lively. She’s really beautiful. And she’s married to Ryan Reynolds! Hah! Yes, I had been a Van Wilder fan. Perhaps still is. I just love that movie! And, Ryan Reynolds. I can watch that movie over and over, still. I’ll not get tired of it. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds make such a lovely couple, yeah? Anyway, hope you had a great day peeps!


DIY: Braided Back Tee

Had a great day at the beach today, with Nashy and Ms. Mimi. It’s been a while since I’ve gone swimming, and today, I made up for lost times… kind of. Perhaps, I’ll jabber about that on a later post. For now, I’ll just be talking about this tee…


It’s The Mister’s and I’ve had my eye on it for the longest time. It’s an old shirt, which I think had been a favorite of his. But from the moment we spotted it on the shop’s rack, I had been secretly hoping to own it. Basically, I love the shirt’s color…  But it was too big for me. Then recently, I finally found an apt style  to turn it into. I got the inspiration from AquiSo, I plucked up the courage to ask The Mister for his favorite shirt. And few snips here, some braiding there, and a few sewing here, I’ve made a new beach cover up/ tee.  Unfortunately, my restyled shirt didn’t turn out as great as I’d hoped. But I love it nonetheless. I debuted the it today at the beach. I paired it with a customized camo shorts that The Mister designed.

Lookie here…


Anyhoo, I’ll be posting more photos of this trip in a future post. It was a lovely day and I did a lot of swimming, which leaves me wondering why I didn’t crawl straight into bed as soon as I got home. In fact, I don’t feel tired at all. That’s weird. Especially for me… Oh well…

Such is life… Jette

Fashionable Week in Photos: April 29-May 05

article-0-19A0A665000005DC-658_634x1104 article-0-19A0A824000005DC-876_634x1295 article-0-19A3B959000005DC-63_634x839 article-0-19A3BD3B000005DC-379_306x835 article-0-19A3BD7B000005DC-250_634x928 article-0-19A3E5C1000005DC-567_634x974 article-0-19A4D027000005DC-161_634x837 article-0-19A42308000005DC-367_634x858 article-0-19A422D4000005DC-301_634x1013article-0-19A1175C000005DC-574_634x902article-0-19A41385000005DC-774_306x777article-0-198BCD2F000005DC-99_634x1070article-0-198BCE80000005DC-233_634x1150article-0-198C24AF000005DC-776_634x803Rolling Stones "50 & Counting" Tour Opener - Backstagearticle-2316913-198C6822000005DC-925_634x933article-2316929-198CB2B4000005DC-104_306x728article-2316929-198CB146000005DC-406_306x728article-2316942-198C8130000005DC-953_306x765article-2316954-198CC5AD000005DC-294_306x749article-2316954-198CCB8A000005DC-758_306x699article-2316954-198CD0F3000005DC-137_306x699article-2320059-19A3D4F2000005DC-20_634x978article-2320059-19A38BA1000005DC-249_306x733article-2320328-19A3A419000005DC-747_634x866article-0-19997B61000005DC-681_306x811article-2319178-199CA275000005DC-400_634x907article-2318697-1999AB78000005DC-827_634x880article-0-1999932A000005DC-632_634x941article-0-199991EA000005DC-268_306x757article-0-19999226000005DC-147_634x868 article-0-199989E8000005DC-291_306x856article-0-199989E4000005DC-753_634x915article-0-199989D8000005DC-172_634x935article-0-199D401D000005DC-819_306x773article-0-199CDE49000005DC-853_634x906article-0-199A5ED5000005DC-997_634x950 article-2319333-199D41F5000005DC-342_634x891 article-2319292-199B2015000005DC-233_634x919article-2319395-199E42C2000005DC-370_634x464  photos: zimbio / dailymail uk


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