In Focus: Kermit Tesoro

Kermit Tesoro is a young Filipino artist turned designer. He has an interesting way of using shapes and lines in creating optical illusions. I think that’s what I find interesting about his work. It seems to me that he does not limit himself with using conventional materials in conventional ways. He innovates. He somehow tries to find a way to use fabric, color, texture, lines, and shapes in creating a practical piece of clothing yet with a twist, visually. And somehow he succeeds. Though, I must admit, some of his designs will perhaps chiefly appeal to the bold and unconventional lot.

7_1288837991110410 8_1288837991110410 3_1288837991110410source: stylebible ph

1_1305707029051811 3_1305707029051811 8_1305707029051811source: stylebible ph

7266347442_dd44ef65e5_o 7266363816_112fa2cc0a_o 7266364988_3047ab92cf_osource: status mag

Here are some of his popular shoe designs.

kookie b year ender kermt tesoro skulls heels divine lee goes to mega's most beautiful launch copysources: kookie b, skullhaus, divine lee

Some say he’s the Alexander McQuen of the Philippines. Now, I dare not compare one artist to another, though I might say that Alexander McQueen may perhaps be a great inspiration for Kermit Tesoro. Still, I don’t think it would do much justice for both designers to be liken. The great Alexander McQueen star has reached its summit, has shone, still shining, and will always be shining ever so bright, while dear Kermit Tesoro star has just started its ascent. He’s young, energetic, and clever to boot. You can learn a bit more about Kermit Tesoro here and here.

Oh, by the by… See this?

Lady Gaga’s outfit is a collaboration between Kermit Tesoro and sculptor Leeroy New. You can read about it here. Below is a runway collaboration which they did back in 2010:

11_1275453490060210 19_1275453490060210 20_1275453490060210 21_1275453490060210 29_1275453490060210 16_1275453490060210source: stylebible ph

Leeroy New and Kermit Tesoro.




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  1. bebegandanghari127
    May 27, 2013 @ 02:59:47

    Leche magtigil nga yan si Kermit na yan at lasing na lasing sa panggagaya lang alam nya! teh ang talent nya ay ang mangaya lang! please lang noh! Mga tokneneng lang ang nauuto nya pati ang mga utaw na walang kaalam alam sa fashion!


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