Recycle, Reuse: Green Jacket + DIY: Cuff Clutch

Hello! Finally, I get to post this… I’ve been slacking off a bit, I guess… Ideas keep flooding my head that it’s frustrating… you know? There are so many things I want to do but just can’t quite figure out how to accomplish them all, at once, right away…? Impatience is my bane right now. And procrastination. And… I feel kind of lost. What’s all this for, anyway? Self satisfaction?… then how come I get more frustrated than ever thinking about the things I want done but can’t quite and deadlines I’ve set for myself. Geesh! These things aren’t even a matter of life and death. There’s got to be something else behind all these worrying. Right? OK, nuff said.

Anyway, the victim of my “recycle. reuse” project is this green jacket I bought from a thrift shop weeks ago. Well, I thought the fabric and the design was interesting as I removed it from the rack and inspected it. I didn’t bother trying it on. So, come time I decide to wear it to the office, I didn’t quite like how it fit me.

OK, it doesn’t look that bad in this picture, maybe? But truly, that jacket hung, creased, and twisted in all the wrong places that I ended up wearing it like a cape majority of the time. Then, inspiration hit me. Why not turn this jacket into a cape? Sure, people would probably stare at me with face askew, wondering why I’m wearing a cape in this tropical country. Maybe? But I will not be deterred. So, a few cuts here and some sewing there, the jacket is now a cape.

That black thingie I’m holding is a DIY cuff clutch.

From the moment I saw Leighton Meester rock a black Louis Vuitton Lockit Devotion Clutch during the 2011 Met Ball, I was smitten. Then, I saw Angelina Jolie carry a gold version during at the 2011 Toronto Film Festival premiere of ‘Moneyball.’ And that was it! I knew I had to have one.

Louis Vuitton Lockit Devotion Clutch

Or, at least make one. Sooo, I bought a cheap black clutch, an owl cuff bracelet, and a chain. I attached one end of the chain to the cuff bracelet, then attached the other end to the clutch using a safety pin, and voila!


I used a safety pin to attached the chain+bracelet so I could remove it anytime. And while deciding which photo to post here, I ended up enhancing the photos- adjusting light and color, using filters, and adding texture. Here: 



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