DIY: Braided Back Tee

Had a great day at the beach today, with Nashy and Ms. Mimi. It’s been a while since I’ve gone swimming, and today, I made up for lost times… kind of. Perhaps, I’ll jabber about that on a later post. For now, I’ll just be talking about this tee…


It’s The Mister’s and I’ve had my eye on it for the longest time. It’s an old shirt, which I think had been a favorite of his. But from the moment we spotted it on the shop’s rack, I had been secretly hoping to own it. Basically, I love the shirt’s color…  But it was too big for me. Then recently, I finally found an apt style  to turn it into. I got the inspiration from AquiSo, I plucked up the courage to ask The Mister for his favorite shirt. And few snips here, some braiding there, and a few sewing here, I’ve made a new beach cover up/ tee.  Unfortunately, my restyled shirt didn’t turn out as great as I’d hoped. But I love it nonetheless. I debuted the it today at the beach. I paired it with a customized camo shorts that The Mister designed.

Lookie here…


Anyhoo, I’ll be posting more photos of this trip in a future post. It was a lovely day and I did a lot of swimming, which leaves me wondering why I didn’t crawl straight into bed as soon as I got home. In fact, I don’t feel tired at all. That’s weird. Especially for me… Oh well…

Such is life… Jette


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