DIY: Little White Dress (part 4)

So, here’s the fourth installment of the DIY: LWD (proposed four part) series, as promised. Though, I could still think up several more ways to wear the dress, modify the look, really. Well, in any case, I’m sure I’ll be talking about it here. So, I won’t say that this would be the final installment of the LWD series just yet.  Anyway, as I’ve mentioned here, I planned on adding appliques on the upper part of the LWD’s bodice. Well, I did just that. Here’s the work in progress. SAM_5967 And as proposed, I’ll be the one to wear the dress this time around. Now, the thing is, with the new design I had in mind, there’s simply no occasion, special or otherwise, in my simple existence in which I could wear it to and not seem overdressed. You see, I bought a gorgeous lavender lace fabric a while back and I’ve been itching to use it, one way or the other. So, the new design I came up with turned out to be too dressy than I had hoped, with the lace and all. And I thought, the only time I could probably don the outfit is when I get an invite to a wedding or such. But no such luck. So, I thought a photoshoot would suffice, if chanced upon. And chance upon it I did. As summer draws to a close, Nashy, Mauski and myself have been planning some day trips to various beaches. So, I thought I might slip  in a photoshoot session in one of these trips. With that in mind, I prepared some accessories to go with the beach setting. I made an anklet, a toe ring, a hand harness, and an armband. And just the previous weekend, on Saturday, that opportune time for the photoshoot came. Without further ado, here are the photos…

Yeah, I know. Awkward, as always. *sigh.* Anyway, these were taken by Mauski, by the way. We did these just before heading home. The beach was a two-hour or so drive from the city and we missed our bus. Nashy didn’t go with us that day, busy. I’ll be posting some pictures of that trip here in a future post. But for now, ciao! *update* Oh, by the by… here’s a quick recap of how my sisters wore the LWD…

So, there. Thanks for dropping by! Such is life…. Jette


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