It is with great lament and shame to admit that I have been an absolute lackwit, today. I have shamed all womankind. I know it’s kind of abhorrent for women to accept a ride from some guy who just happens to
drive by simply because by doing so, they court being raped, killed, demeaningly labeled, etc.- Now, I’m just courting hate. But, just let me get this off my burdened chest. Today, I have been thoughtless and hitched a ride from an older kindly looking male person who just happened to drive by. No, I didn’t point my thumb up to hitchhike. I just happened to cross the driveway he was exiting. I was by myself, uncaring and unguarded and was in a slightly good mood. Generally, I’m overly confident that nothing bad would happen to me, that I’m street smart. But truth of the matter is, I’m simply overly confident and often too trusting for my own good. I know its helpful when one is always wary of his surroundings and of people. I know this and I always remind myself so. But there are simply times when this notion abandons me and is replaced by an unrealistic sentiment that everyone is good and kind, devoid of malice. So, bottom line, I simply should have ignored him and should have even been rude to an extent. And, I don’t know where I got the notion that to refuse an offer is an insult. Geeesh! Right? Believe me I can be rude, though not always. There are simply times when I can’t bear being rude. Damn it. I think that’s a problem. Help me God.  

Anyway, I turned him down severely and pointed out that I was very close to my destination. But he was persistent and it seemed to me that he was just being  accommodating. He was nice and didn’t seem rude, lewd, or anything. He had an air about him that reminded me of my uncles. Yes, my uncles are around the same age as he, some even younger. I’d been really close with several of my uncles. I miss those times. Perhaps that’s why I’m not very wary of men as I should be. They, my uncles and cousins, were protective of me, my sisters, and our cousins. So, I guess I have this impression that men are generally protective of women, even though I’m well aware that this isn’t the case. Know what I mean??? But as soon as I got out of the car, the realization of how feeble-minded I had been hit hard. Immediately, I texted my sister to call me as I suddenly felt very scared. She called right away and I told her what I just did. I got reprimanded by my younger sister, which I duly deserved. And she reminded me the few times I have been a victim of gossip (both by and because of men) simply because I had been too trusting and well, dense. *sigh* Some men would say anything to boost their egos! Shameless. So, I made a promise, never again. Now, I’m just mentally debating whether or not to tell The Mister of today’s blunder.



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