2013 CMT Music Awards

My picks on the lavender carpet…

2013+CMT+Music+Awards+Red+Carpet+ZjCslbjZ5xyl Arrivals+CMT+Music+Awards+K82gIxZYXxOl Arrivals+CMT+Music+Awards+NBoZJ59Usxpl Arrivals+CMT+Music+Awards+Part+2+kaM6d4gWi_zl Arrivals+CMT+Music+Awards+PdmtN4GlrA2l 2013+CMT+Music+Awards+Arrivals+QgUHY3HO-_Cl Arrivals+CMT+Music+Awards+_Fxl-K92AV6l 2013+CMT+Music+Awards+Arrivals+_NoOvD1YDycl Arrivals+CMT+Music+Awards+Jchf9U3t01Rl Arrivals+CMT+Music+Awards+MwKFsyVE9hDl 2013+CMT+Music+Awards+Arrivals+pTzy_JU4-oll Arrivals+CMT+Music+Awards+d1NFagGJu_kl Arrivals+CMT+Music+Awards+oFQapGYRU15l Arrivals+CMT+Music+Awards+fFfA-rRjzA7l Arrivals+CMT+Music+Awards+yHKthkKv10pl Backstage+CMT+Music+Awards+TbqToYzUVRUl photos: stylebistro



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