Papoy? Ba-nana?





Just thought of posting this before hitting the hay… I’ll be dreaming of Guccis, McQueens, and Alaias…*sigh* Sweet dreams are made of these, yeah? ūüôā

Have a good one!



Style File: Denim & Hemp

Today started out bright and sunny. So, I decided to wear something comfortable. But the sun only shone until some time past 9am. Then the gloom set in, started pouring, and only let up after 6pm.

Still, it was a fairly good day for me… Yeah, it was.

Lately, I find myself listening to Placebo, Florence and the Machine, U2, and even Coldplay and Ed Sheeran. Dunno why… Maybe it’s just the mood I’m in? Perhaps. Hmmmn, while I’m at it, I think I’ll continue the streak with Oasis, Duran Duran, The Outfield, and perhaps a sprinkling of Spiritualized. Yeah…¬†Anyway, today’s outfit?


MissL took these photos and I edited them, of course. Anyway, gotta hit the hay. Will need to wake up early on the morrow.






















And oh! Almost finished with MasterD’s Minion beanie. Can’t wait! He’s really excited too. Will be posting soon.

Sweetest dreams!


English Summer Rain - Placebo


DIY: Crochet Dress

I almost forgot about this dress. It’s been buried in my closet for months! I just remembered that I had it after I finished making MissL’s beanie a few days ago. Currently, I’m making a Minion beanie for MasterD. I’ll be featuring them, zee beanies, in a future post. Anyway, moving along…

Here’s me wearing the dress. MasterD took this photo, by the way.

And this one too…

This, MissL took…

I lined the crochet piece with a grey Georgette, which I hand stitched on. Then I just added a silk cord to give the dress a bit of form when worn.

So, that’s it for today. Gotta work. Thanks for dropping by. And, oh! Stay tuned for my “beanie” post, ayt?


kiss from a rose

Have a lovely Monday, everyone!


photo bucket: blue blue blue blue…

Exactly a week ago, everyone at the office had a day out. We had our annual team building event at the wonderfully amazing Plantation Bay Resort and Spa. It was so much fun!



Style File: Neon Under

O-kaaay… so, I’m finally hopping in on the neon trend. Late, much? And, well, I’m starting with the basics- underwear. A brassier to be exact.

Can you see it? No? How about this…?

Still no? Gaaah! OOTDs are hard, I tell you. Why can’t I look¬†gorgeous and sultry, or cute and¬†adorable like Chiara Ferragni, or ¬†Annabelle Fleur, or Camille Co??? It’s soooo¬†frustratiiing!¬†

Fine… Lookie here

By the by, that turban I’m wearing is actually a scarf that I just wound around my big head then tied at the nape. The last time I wore a turban was some ten years ago. I’ll try to post some pics from that era in the future.

And, If anyone’s wondering where these photos were taken, these were taken at the Plantation Bay Resort, Cebu, Philippines. I’ll be posting more photos from the venue in my next entry. Anyway… So, yes, my very first neon acquisition is a bra… Oh, yeah!¬†The Morgan top is one of my favorites. I’ve had it for years!

Flashback to 2010…

And you’d think, after years of taking OOTDs that I might have gotten better at posing for pics, noh?…tsk, tsk, tsk…

Anyhoo! Stay true! Peace Yo!


DIY: One-sleeved Jersey Tunic

This project is long overdue. A one-sleeved jersey tunic dress. The idea for this jersey piece was conceived months ago. I originally planned to ¬†have this customized by a dressmaker as I a) don’t own a sewing machine, and most especially, b) don’t know how to use one. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet found a seamstress whose work I like. You know, someone who understands what I want and knows how to deliver. Anyway. So, I decided to wing it. I crossed my fingers, made a pattern, cut the fabric, and sewed the pieces together by hand. Have I mentioned that I’m no master at making patterns either? I never studied dressmaking nor did I take any pattern making lessons, except that one time Lalaine taught me how to make a pattern for a fishtail skirt which in now totally lost to me.

Anyway, I braced myself and hoped I didn’t waste my time, effort, and money on this project. I bought two mint colored stretch fabrics for this. One for the outer layer, the other for lining.


work in progress

I finally finished this jersey dress some two or three weeks ago but only managed to take photos of it the previous weekend.¬†I’m pretty pleased with the result.¬†I was quite surprised when I was able to finish this within a day.
Though, I wish I have made the hem a bit longer as I had hoped to wear it as a dress as well as a top. But since it’s too short, it’s better if I wore shorts, leggings, or jeans with it.

One project usually takes me days, weeks, even months to finish. And, yeah, since I don’t have a machine nor do I know how to use one, this dress is hand-stitched.

The best thing about jersey fabrics is that one can easily make an interesting dress that pleasantly fits without having to fuzz too much over the pattern. Simply drape the fabric over the body, move the fabric this way and that until you like what you see, pin, then sew. I’m thinking of making another. Perhaps, I’ll use a printed jersey or a stretch lace fabric and make the hem a bit longer. Yeah?¬†Now I think of it, I still haven’t decided what to do with that lavender lace I bought. Hmmm…?

Thanks for dropping by…


Recycle, Reuse: old tops = bodycon skirts

Okay… Three more items were ticked off my list of things to do. Yey!

I had these cheap shirts which prints I adore. But they didn’t fit me as well as I had hoped. So, I decided to tun them into skirts instead.¬†TDSC02639The above photo is crappy, I concur. Moving on… To make the skirts, I snipped off the upper part of the shirts, cutting just below the armholes. And because the shirts fit me just right, I didn’t need to take in the sides of the skirts to shape them. I simply folded the top edge of each skirt to make the waistband casing. Then, I threaded an elastic through the casing. And, voila! The shirts are now skirts.

zebra, of course….




Turning a shirt into a skirt is very easy to do. It won’t take so much of your time either. So, the next time you find it difficult to part with your favorite (printed) shirt, you can simply turn it into a skirt!


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