DIY: One-sleeved Jersey Tunic

This project is long overdue. A one-sleeved jersey tunic dress. The idea for this jersey piece was conceived months ago. I originally planned to  have this customized by a dressmaker as I a) don’t own a sewing machine, and most especially, b) don’t know how to use one. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet found a seamstress whose work I like. You know, someone who understands what I want and knows how to deliver. Anyway. So, I decided to wing it. I crossed my fingers, made a pattern, cut the fabric, and sewed the pieces together by hand. Have I mentioned that I’m no master at making patterns either? I never studied dressmaking nor did I take any pattern making lessons, except that one time Lalaine taught me how to make a pattern for a fishtail skirt which in now totally lost to me.

Anyway, I braced myself and hoped I didn’t waste my time, effort, and money on this project. I bought two mint colored stretch fabrics for this. One for the outer layer, the other for lining.


work in progress

I finally finished this jersey dress some two or three weeks ago but only managed to take photos of it the previous weekend. I’m pretty pleased with the result. I was quite surprised when I was able to finish this within a day.
Though, I wish I have made the hem a bit longer as I had hoped to wear it as a dress as well as a top. But since it’s too short, it’s better if I wore shorts, leggings, or jeans with it.

One project usually takes me days, weeks, even months to finish. And, yeah, since I don’t have a machine nor do I know how to use one, this dress is hand-stitched.

The best thing about jersey fabrics is that one can easily make an interesting dress that pleasantly fits without having to fuzz too much over the pattern. Simply drape the fabric over the body, move the fabric this way and that until you like what you see, pin, then sew. I’m thinking of making another. Perhaps, I’ll use a printed jersey or a stretch lace fabric and make the hem a bit longer. Yeah? Now I think of it, I still haven’t decided what to do with that lavender lace I bought. Hmmm…?

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