Style File: Neon Under

O-kaaay… so, I’m finally hopping in on the neon trend. Late, much? And, well, I’m starting with the basics- underwear. A brassier to be exact.

Can you see it? No? How about this…?

Still no? Gaaah! OOTDs are hard, I tell you. Why can’t I look gorgeous and sultry, or cute and adorable like Chiara Ferragni, or  Annabelle Fleur, or Camille Co??? It’s soooo frustratiiing! 

Fine… Lookie here

By the by, that turban I’m wearing is actually a scarf that I just wound around my big head then tied at the nape. The last time I wore a turban was some ten years ago. I’ll try to post some pics from that era in the future.

And, If anyone’s wondering where these photos were taken, these were taken at the Plantation Bay Resort, Cebu, Philippines. I’ll be posting more photos from the venue in my next entry. Anyway… So, yes, my very first neon acquisition is a bra… Oh, yeah! The Morgan top is one of my favorites. I’ve had it for years!

Flashback to 2010…

And you’d think, after years of taking OOTDs that I might have gotten better at posing for pics, noh?…tsk, tsk, tsk…

Anyhoo! Stay true! Peace Yo!



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