Style File: Denim & Hemp

Today started out bright and sunny. So, I decided to wear something comfortable. But the sun only shone until some time past 9am. Then the gloom set in, started pouring, and only let up after 6pm.

Still, it was a fairly good day for me… Yeah, it was.

Lately, I find myself listening to Placebo, Florence and the Machine, U2, and even Coldplay and Ed Sheeran. Dunno why… Maybe it’s just the mood I’m in? Perhaps. Hmmmn, while I’m at it, I think I’ll continue the streak with Oasis, Duran Duran, The Outfield, and perhaps a sprinkling of Spiritualized. Yeah… Anyway, today’s outfit?


MissL took these photos and I edited them, of course. Anyway, gotta hit the hay. Will need to wake up early on the morrow.






















And oh! Almost finished with MasterD’s Minion beanie. Can’t wait! He’s really excited too. Will be posting soon.

Sweetest dreams!



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