DIY: Cutout Bodycon Jersey Dress

As mentioned here, I’ve been working on a dress for a while now.  It took me a while to finish it mainly because I had to hand-stitch the entire thing, lining and all. So, the task got boring and I had to stop working every once in a while to regain my enthusiasm on the project. But I’ve been looking forward to finishing it every darn day since I started it a month ago!


Anyway, for this project, I initially decided to use three different stretch fabrics. But I ended up using strips of ribbon in place of the third as I couldn’t find the perfect fabric in the gold tone that I wanted. I wanted the dress to be seamless except where the different fabrics come together. But with the change of material, I had to make a few adjustments such as making a new pattern, adding zipper and sequins, and an extended time table. Anyway, to make the ribbons more pliable for the purpose I intended it, I used a fusible web as a base for them. I carefully lined each ribbon on the fusible web and ironed them on. But, alas, the ribbons didn’t stick on the fusible web as well as I had hoped. So, I had to “strategically” sew sequins on the ribbons to secure them on the web.

I was just slightly successful on this attempt as some ribbons still split apart here and there and expose the fusible web under, which tend to stretch just a wee bit on some parts. This task set me back a few days and I was on the brink of giving up on the project. But I knew I’m going to be haunted and bothered by an unfinished project, one which I have been obsessing over for months. Besides, I can’t seem to move on to other projects until I finished this one. So, persevere I did.

Aaand, I had to line the dress to conceal the frankensteinish seams where the different fabrics and fused rbbons were sewed together. Seriously, I’m tempted to call this dress “The Frankenstein” or “M’ Shelley.” Instead, I shall dub this dress D’Luster. Yes, for the glittery fabrics it’s made of and other things. Sorry, I won’t go into detail about my fabric and color choices. It’s my dirty little secret. And finally! I got to sigh in relief when I did finish the darn dress.


When I showed it to Ella, she asked me, frowning, “And where do you hope to wear that???” When I showed it to The Mister, he had the same reaction and asked me the same thing. To be honest, I haven’t given much  thought on where to wear the dress. When I conceived this project, it was more for the challenge of making a dress from scratch, in the colors and design that I wanted.

I know, the above photo is far from satisfactory since you basically can’t make out what the dress looks like.  I intend to take better photos of the dress, worn. I’ll be featuring it in a future post titled “D’Luster.” Why not? 🙂 Sooo, until then…

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