Style File: Tartan No-pants

Today… well, today was a lot of things. Though, it didn’t sum up my whole existence, it did help clarify a few things.  I have this nuisance of a nature where I tend to get really analytical and critical about certain things in the hope of being practical. It’s a kind of “survival of the fittest” mode of mine, which could drive me crazy sometimes, and The Mister. Only, now I realize that just because I made certain decisions for myself (just because in some twisted way I think it’s a “practical way” for me to get what I want and have prepped myself of the risks entailed) doesn’t mean that I should count out others’, Decisions, I mean, and the risks they’re willing to take themselves. And, especially when said decisions largely involve them. Yeah, I’ve been selfish and unkind all the while thinking that I’ve been doing service to others. Anyway, I’m blabbering again. In a nutshell, today was one of extremes.


This is what I wore for lunch with The Mister, after a “discussion.” Still can’t fully wrap my head around certain things but I guess I just have to reconcile myself with the facts- surprisingly beautiful truths? Perhaps. There’s no point in going against a tide when it’s relentless. I’m very grateful.

Oh! Yes, the dress. It’s flannel and I love it. But the Mister thinks it’s too short. Thus, I have to wear it with shorts, The first time I wore it, I didn’t bother to wear one. But when The Mister realized this, he was kind of outraged. But we made up soon after. 🙂

Ella took these photos, by the way. Well, gotta hit the sack. Gotta be up early tomorrow.

Sweetest dreams!



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