Recycle, Reuse: mini dress

I think the last time I posted a “Recycle, Reuse” entry was some time in July…? Well, I’ve been exceptionally busy with various things lately and have been running around like a headless chicken… Yet, yeah, I still manage to update my space and schedule posts! haha…

Anyway, on to the recycled item… It’s this red zipper mini dress I wore two Christmases ago.

I’ve never worn this number since. And, well, a few months ago, when I wasn’t as busy as I am these day and had been bitten by the tinker bug, I turned my attention to this red number. Now, I don’t know if I did this dress justice but I doubt that I could easily wear this revamped dress just anywhere.

See what I mean? I added leather and studs. It’s a cute party dress but I no longer go clubbing these days. Yeah, it’s sad. I’d love to go clubbing again, but just can’t find time. And no, I didn’t go clubbing when these photos were taken… I just donned it and wore a pair of heels for the purpose of this entry. 🙂  I’m not even wearing any make-up… Well, not that I usually wear make-up when I go out.

Thanks for dropping bye. Carpe diem!


Throwback: Christmas, 80s Style

circa 2008




… nuff said.

V Magazine September 2013

Photographer: Gus van Sant

Model: Jared Leto

Source: thefashionisto


dream weaver


Style File: Coral

Wore this last Wednesday, November 20- MissL’s 8th birthday.  It was a busy day. First thing in the morning, I brought birthday loot bags to school to be given to her classmates and teachers. After, I went to work. Then after work, we ate out. She blew her birthday candle and later opened her gift. But not before shedding a few tears. It involved a certain gift that she wanted, but thought she wasn’t getting it. But she did, of course. So, before going to bed, she was quite happy, and tired. Her birthday celebration continued yesterday, Saturday- the 23rd.  She, MasterD and their friends watched a movie, Epic. Oh, the things parents do to make their kids happy.

Happy Birthday, Mooch!



Throwback: Dancerous Christmas

circa 2007

photo bucket: Birthday Gurl

@ Casa Verde, Asiatown IT Park, Cebu

@ Hello Hans Movie House

@ Asiatown IT Park

Style File: Velvet and Lace

This was taken around three weeks ago. I was home and just had to eat at Bob’s. It’s a popular restaurant in my home city of Bacolod and it’s been around since 1965- seriously, it’s written on their table mats. My parents and their siblings have fond memories of the place and so do me and my sisters and cousins. It’s actually a favorite restaurant of my grandfathers, and dad as well. Heck! It’s like, everyone’s favorite! Hah! Anyhooo, This is what I wore that day, til evening as you can see.Well, thanks for dropping by… I need order in my life right now… I need  a break! But can’t… just can’t until I’ve crossed out the reds in my ledger… Hah! Ciao!

dark kiss


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