Recycle, Reuse: mini dress

I think the last time I posted a “Recycle, Reuse” entry was some time in July…? Well, I’ve been exceptionally busy with various things lately and have been running around like a headless chicken… Yet, yeah, I still manage to update my space and schedule posts! haha…

Anyway, on to the recycled item… It’s this red zipper mini dress I wore two Christmases ago.

I’ve never worn this number since. And, well, a few months ago, when I wasn’t as busy as I am these day and had been bitten by the tinker bug, I turned my attention to this red number. Now, I don’t know if I did this dress justice but I doubt that I could easily wear this revamped dress just anywhere.

See what I mean? I added leather and studs. It’s a cute party dress but I no longer go clubbing these days. Yeah, it’s sad. I’d love to go clubbing again, but just can’t find time. And no, I didn’t go clubbing when these photos were taken… I just donned it and wore a pair of heels for the purpose of this entry. 🙂  I’m not even wearing any make-up… Well, not that I usually wear make-up when I go out.

Thanks for dropping bye. Carpe diem!


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