I already missed posting my style picks during the Oscars, Golden Globes, the Critic’s Choice, and whatnot, and it looks like I might miss posting my faves during the Grammys as well. But, I’ll make time. For now, let me leave you with an outfit I’d wear if I were to go to the Grammys. Hah! I wish! Hey, it’s free to dream, right?



Style File: Tartan Blues
















It’s been exceptionally cold here in my country since the New Year and I decided to air out the Dr., which I’ve had for over ten years. I’m not sure I succeeded in this grunge look, though… wearing tartan, leather, denim, stockings, and beanie…


Was I ever home to you?

We may not be in full control of the things that happen to us but we are responsible for the choices we make.

Yes, we are all subject to making bad decisions. All too often, like it or not, the decisions we make affect others. And naturally, we have to face the situations that result from our actions and decisions.

But not all people are equipped to deal with a certain level of difficulty. Some people try to escape their problems. Others surrender and just leave things to fate.

Yet there are those few people who choose to rise from the difficulties, and turn their bad experiences into a kind of challenge to do better and succeed.

Again, this situation boils down to making a decision. But is it really possible to make good decisions all the time?

On the other hand, is it just a matter of learning to accept failure and defeat and learning from past mistakes?

Is there a formula for living a perfect life?


photo bucket: Pit Señor

The Sinulog festival is by far the biggest annual event here in Cebu that many Filipinos, especially Cebuanos, look forward to. It runs for nine days which culminates on the third Sunday of January with a Grand Parade.

And as much as I wanted to immerse myself in the revelry on the final day of the festival, Mum and the kids weren’t up for it. This was why.

So, after 10 minutes of standing/squatting in one corner we decided to head home as the crowd was swelling, with people pushing and shoving.

However, we ended up spending the rest of the day at the Asiatown IT Park.

The previous years, we did join though.

circa 2013

circa 2012

So, next year, I hope I’d get to join in the festivities again.


… had his First Communion last Wednesday.


Well, you might be wondering, First Communions, Baptisms, Confirmations, and the like are a bit of a big deal to most Filipino families.




MissL and I had been busy taking photos  of MasterD that we only managed to have very few of ours taken before the battery died.

This was taken at the mall after MasterD’s First Communion last Wednesday.

And yeah, I meant to post about about fashion stuff here, with the awards season in full swing. But, alas, I just couldn’t make time.. boohoo! And on a sidenote, today’s actually the highlight of the Sinulog Festival here in Cebu, so I try my darnedest to post, though not really about the festival. I had hoped to write about it here. But as we didn’t really take part in the revelry, I don’t have much to write about.  😦


Happy 2014!

… 9 days late?!? Yeah, well I was faced with a series of unfortunate events. Nothing too serious, I think. Basically, I’ve been very busy and sick. Yet the holidays was uneventful, especially because TheMister had been away. The happenings during the last quarter of 2013 have left me drained and numb, which isn’t a good way to start a new year. But I am not put off. Never. I welcome all challenges that come my way. So, bring it on 2014! Of course, I’m not saying that 2013 was a bad year for me. Not at all. Fact is, 2013 had been a good year that kick-started several positive (fingers crossed!) changes in my life. And it seems that things are slowly starting to fall into place now. Well, at least that’s how I feel.

Here’s a visual recap of my 2013 holidays.

The kids and I celebrated Christmas in Bacolod City.

Then, we spent the New Year in Metro Manila.

They say change is constant, but one thing constant about me is how grateful I am for the people in my life.

Thanks for visiting. Have a great year!