throwback: alta costura…

… is an annual costume competition at my former college. It’s a culminating event which takes place every March. It was the brain-child of one of our professors and also a well-known designer in my home city, Mr. Bambu Tonogbanua. Here we are partying at his home.


Uhm, he’s that white-haired guy to my right, obscured by The Mister’s shoe. Sorry. Will try find a better picture of him… For now, moving on…

In 2003, the year in which I joined, the Alta Costura was held in Iloilo City. Now, I’m no stranger to this city because I spent the later part of my primary education here. And besides, during the competition, my dad had been confined in a hospital in said city.

I forgot which category I joined exactly, as there were several. Anyway…


I’d been lucky that Mayette, was there to do my model’s make up.


Here’s the gown I designed, modeled by April.


The theme I believe I was going for was air and earth, and had been inspired by Sarah Brightman’s album La Luna…


Here’s me making final touches on the gown…


The look of tired… April’s off to the stage, leaving me partly relieved. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find the full-length photo of April on stage. The hem part of the gown was actually covered in feathers.


Will update this post in case I do find the picture.

Well, I didn’t win…but Rolan did… haha!


Here’s us getting ready to leave for Bacolod the next day.

And just in case you’ve been wondering where I got the accesories, they where made by Botsky, known as Embit to most… He’s this guy…


He used copperwires for the accessories and some beads and semi-precious stones given to me by Kent, who also took pictures at the event. He’s the one who’s necklace I’m grabbing.

jetteau-alta-costura -2003-4

Joyce, the girl to my right wearing white is a good friend who helped me find a dressmaker for the gown and my beautiful model, April.

The above two photos, btw, were taken during the Panaad in 2003, I think. The Panaad is a city event here in Bacolod which happens every April.

Well, I’m signing off for today… Thank you for taking the time to read… Have a great day!


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