5 Truths To Staying In LOVE

Ella had this bookmarked and I just stumbled upon it today… so sweet this post is!

Thought Catalog

When I was a little girl, I couldn’t imagine who I would marry but I knew that I wanted to get married. I would envision the wedding, and try to see the man’s face in my dreams. I would fantasize about who he would be and how much excitement he would bring into my life. My oldest daughter is four years old and she said to us the other day “Who am I gonna marry when I grow up?”.  There it begins. A little girls’ quest for the unknown, the inexperience and innocence in not knowing what lies ahead. The sparkle of hope and magical fantasies that comes with being a child. I think back to my adolescent experiences and smile because I had thoroughly enjoyed my journey through life and whatever wild times I had. I experienced much thrill, danger, excitement, exploration and self-discovery. Sure there were many tears…

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