photo bucket: of birthdays and time a-flying

Birthday, some look forward to thee, others may dread thee, but one thing is assured- Ye only move forwards and it is upon myself to look back and cherish the have-beens.

So… My grandmother, paternal, turned 75 last Thursday. And though she had a mini celebration at home, a special post celebration was in order.

And we had to dress up for the occasion!

jetteau-mamalin's party-kids

jetteau-mamalin's party-polka top- velvet midi

I’m wearing: L&M top (from mum’s closet), Wacoal bustier, custom made velvet midi, pumps from Feet for a Queen, Amanda Smith bag.

jetteau-mamalin's party-kids2

Uncles, aunts, and cousins flew in. And those who couldn’t make it gave their well wishes via video. Mama’s friends were there too of course.

jetteau-mamalin's party-cousins1

jetteau-mamalin's party-boys

jetteau-mamalin's party-cousins2

jetteau-mamalin's party-cousins3

jetteau-mamalin's party-cousins4

jetteau-mamalin's party-cousins5

It was nice to see familiar faces. I’ve been away for some time.

jetteau-mamalin's party-girls

jetteau-mamalin's party-girls2

jetteau-mamalin's party-girls3

jetteau-mamalin's party-girls4

Unfortunately, I’m now beginning to feel my age! Haha…

jetteau-mamalin's party-boys2

MasterD dancing with great-grand-mama… And here’s us three once more, at the photobooth…

jetteau-mamalin's party-photobooth1

And with the birthday girl…

jetteau-mamalin's party-photobooth2



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