say what?!?

While the City of Smiles has been busy prepping for the Masskara festival this coming weekend, I’ve been busy with these…


A diy two-compartment lego pinata. Will post a diy of how I made it. And…




MasterD turned 10 today. And because it’s a Wednesday and a schoolday, we’ll be celebrating it on Saturday.


A save-the-date prepared by Kat.


Stole this from The Mister’s portfolio to use for the invites. See?


To mark the day, we still had a simple preparation at home. 20141015_171821

Bascon’s mini Baba cake from Tita Kat.

20141015_170749 Lottie, Tita Ella, Tita Gianne, Thirdy, birthday boi, Great-Grand-Mama Ko.20141015_170700

Spaghetti prepared by Tita Gianne.


And Lego from Papa!


Celebration to be continued…


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