Recycle, Reuse: knit sweater => knit midi

As the title suggests, the victim for this recycled-restyled post is an old knit sweater…

I forgot to take a picture before I began snipping off the sleeves, but here’s some photos of when I wore it some time in 2011…


Wearing: Banana Republic sweater, jeggings, Doc Martens boots, black bag.


And so, after snipping off the sleeves, I sewed close about four-inches of the armhole up to the would-be waistband of the would-be midi. I also closed the top of said waistband, leaving a small gaping hole so I can ease myself into the skirt to wear.


Then, I hemmed both sides of the gaping hole to fasten the lose threads, added buttons and ribbons to fasten the skirt close . And ta-daaah!


Will post as OOTD when I chance on wearing it. And by the by, I’ll be posting a visual how-to of how I made the two-compartment lego pinata as soon as I get enough time (and device memory) to upload the pics… been using mobile and tablet lately and it takes forever for me to load them images…

Thanks for dropping by. How was your day, by the way? Hope you had a great one… Til next!


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