DIY: lego piñata

As promised, here is a step by step images of how I made the two-compartment lego piñata for MasterD’s birthday.


I used four small boxes, two for each compartment.


Put one box over another, like so, then tape together.


Tape the two compartments together then cut a flap opening at the would-be bottom of the piñata.


Then, I covered it with newspaper to smooth out the uneven surfaces.


I used one Pringles container for those round studs and covered them with newspaper as well.


And then paint away… After the paint dried, I cut slits on the bottom flaps to to attach pull strings onto. Noticeably, there are several pull strings. Most of them are fake to add a little thrill and more anticipation.



Basically, I just slid them fake pull strings into the slits without securing them. But I did secure one pull string on each flap by knotting the end I slid in and putting duct tape on it.


And here’s how the lego piñata looks when hung…

Thanks for visiting… Good day!


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