photo bucket: the beach

Not the movie, but a beach at the south border of the City of Smiles. Villarosa beach, has been around for ages. Well, it’s not like beaches move some place when they feel like it… Simply that, I’ve been visiting this beach with family and friends since I was little, and assuming that people had been going there way before I came into being.

Anyway, I took the hobbitses there Friday, last week.


Sadly, the beach is not as clean as it was way back…


MissL trying to make a sand castle, MasterD building his barracks…


Later, we realized the barracks he built was heart-shaped. He found it hilarious.




An OOTD fail…

And some throwbacks…


I was probably 6 or 7 when this photo was taken.  And below are some photos taken some 10 years ago…


Laid back afternoon with friends…


Sunset @ Punta Taytay, photo taken by Fritz. Me and Joyce in the photo, btw.

And last night, I ran into old friends at the supermarket. We hung out for a few hours… Unfortunately, I forgot to take pics. But I’ll be hanging out with them soon, hopefully… So, until then, I’ll be posting other random stuff… 😆

Thanks for visiting.

Goodnight world…



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